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October 19, 2006
The Shadow
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Votes: 47
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TheSHAD0W's Experimental BitTorrent Client.
User Comments
added by Arby on March 30, 2007
This is a great client for newbies and permanent newbies like myself. The nice thing about it is that while it's simple to use, albeit a bit cumbersome due to it's not being within a single window, it's also, by all accounts, a first rate client. That's what they - those more knowledgeable than myself - say. I'm no techie. But I've used this, and it's predecessor (Shadow's Experimental) and just have no complaints. Be sure to take advantage of the 'details' feature, which allows you to deslect files within folders that you're downloading. The client is not beautiful. But it's solid.
added by endo122 on January 1, 2007
Fast! Have tried most of the clients out there and Tornado had the fastest d/l and u/l speeds. Azureus was a systems whore; Although not as fast, uTorrent was great until I used with my nVidia firewall. Word: They don't play well togethor!
added by Pizzlect on April 24, 2006
great for getting those large files. suggest checking out if using a router...
added by ashwinnavin on March 24, 2006
its been too long since shadow updated this client.. go with utorrent for windows
added by shooter on February 16, 2006
Well ... I got about the same speeds whith this program than whith Azureus (don't think it's possible what Style wrote: 3times faster). Azureus is much nicer , much more configurable and displays much more infos. So ... my advice: go 4 BitTornado only if U have a slow sistem (like 256Mb RAM) and want to do something else that's using a lot of resources while running the torrent client.
added by Style on December 11, 2005
ppl u guys whoeva thinks this pure refined software is **** u guys r nuts this would have to be the best download software i have eva used or seen whoeva is using azeurus or bitcomet u guys r goin down hard cause with bittornado u get upto 3x faster than usual how dont ask me but its awesome i recommend it to all please get it please !!!!!!!!!!!!!
added by rojo on September 28, 2005
Excellent app. On my little Celery 900MHz, it fires up 2-3x faster than Azureus. Python is much less cumbersome to older hardware than the JVM. The interface is fairly intuitive and provides more robust features than might be implied by any screenshots of the main download window you might've seen. One nice feature of this app is something most people would consider a hindrance -- that only one download appears per window. It encourages seeding and discourages leeching, which is good for the Torrent community as a whole, as well as good for your own reputation (important if your broadband connxion provides a static or very rarely changing IP address). The single download per window also discourages you from opening too many threads and choking your upstream pipe, *very* unlike Azureus.
added by aethernet on August 30, 2005
PIII 933Mhz Celeron 256MB PC133, 6MB/786 Cable

Been using Azureus for months now and have been very satisfied with it. My p2p box is not exactly a power house but it gets the job done. Started reading that BitTornado was lighter on resources than Azureus so I thought I would check it out. Have been using it for a week now or so and its decent, and does use less resouces than Azureus. On my system Azureus loads in at around 50MB of ram, BitTornado at about 27-28. My guess is its lighter on the CPU but neither really hit hard for me in that department.

So resources, yah BitTornado does marginally better than Azureus on my system. Interface? Azureus wins hands down, there's no comparison.

I havent noticed any difference in speed but I think that takes more time to really evaluate. I get 100+ with Azureus and BitTornado but if I want real speed I go with newsgroups.

On my system I think the 20megs is worth the interface and features, I'm sticking with Azureus.
added by guenter on August 28, 2005
Hi. This is by far the best program available for the torrent network. I’ve tried Azureus, but it totally fucked up my computer (100% CPU etc.)They have good ideas and features but the java console is crap.

If you are looking for a simple and clean interface, a program that is easy to use and doesn’t use all your system resources, don’t look any further - this is for you. The best feature is the "disk cache", which saves your hard drive from getting to busy writing all the data you are downloading at 500KB.
added by bababouie on June 12, 2005
Of all the Torrent clients I have tested out, this one is definately the leader when it comes to sheer speed. One potential downside of this is the very low ratio's that I tend to get using the program. If you are a member of a tracker site that requires you to maintain a certain UL/DL ratio this might be something to consider. Otherwise, speed is king.
added by shulkman on June 1, 2005
Would actually give a 4.5 if I could. Definately the fastest client I've found. Doesn't have the pretty UI of other clients, and it can be a RAM hog, but I can hit 300kb/s on it compared to 60kb/s max on bitcomet.
added by Meow on May 22, 2005
I found this to be a resource monster compared to the lightweight Azureus client. It crashed on me several times, it even caused me to have to reboot Windows, and it couldn't spread my bandwidth over files the way one would like to.

Doesn't even come close to Azureus, not by far.
added by mrcrombieman on April 20, 2005
Until 12 Hours ago I had not even heard of Bittorrent.
Thanks to this site, Bittornado and I have already downloaded some awesome stuff. I am blown away,
so easy to use, hassle free, perfect for a novice like me, you'll be flying in minutes.
added by remon on April 13, 2005
An excellent BitTorrent client. DL's & user friendly
added by Allied on April 7, 2005
Great torrent client. Great uploads, downloads, features, gui, etc..
I can think of only one imperfection. It uses python, so some of your resources will be used to to transfer the python code to the win32 environment.
But you'll never notice the extra resources, unlike Azureus where the jaza machine is a noticeable drain.

Best torrent client around. 5 on 5.
added by vaneyck on February 11, 2005
Reliable and fast, the fastest of the 4 clients I've tried at all extensively. This would be enough to give it a 5, as speed is by far the most important feature, but BitTornado does lack some convenient features: you need a separate program like MakeTorrent to upload new torrents, and you can't get multiple down/uploads in the same window. Still, I would recommend BitTornado to anyone before any other torrent client.
added by ***CENSORED*** on October 10, 2004
The only bittorrent client to give me fast speeds, and doesn't use up as much CPU as Azureus.
added by Made in England on October 9, 2004
excellent client.
ul/dl speed settings, low cpu usage, stable. fast downloads.
One of the earlier comments said he wished you could choose which file in a torrent to download first.
well you CAN on the details tab. you can set each individual file to either download First,normally,later or never.

added by LoneWolf on October 4, 2004
Easy to use and super d/l speeds!
added by LovelyAngel1624 on September 18, 2004
its great and reliable. i just wish i could specify what file i want to download first in a torrent. still its a great program.
added by Illithid on September 5, 2004
Small memory footprint and informative GUI.
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