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Current Version
4.0 Beta 11
Release Date
December 16, 2009
$29.99 / year (with SuperSearch)
$19.99 / year (without Supersearch)
Has Adware / Spyware?
No / No
User Rating
Votes: 17
NewsLeecher is a brand new Usenet downloading (leeching) application. It downloads movies, pictures, MP3 files, and software applications in a snap, and uses it's inline engine to assemble and decode all the downloads. The powerful featureset and state-of-the-art user interface makes it an application "you simply can't live without" if you are a serious Usenet leecher.
User Comments
added by markfred on September 9, 2006
This program is capable of being the greatest news reader compared to what is currently available. The other popular reader has a major deficiency with cache management when the number of headers is large. This is true of pretty well any binary multimedia or DVD group these days. So cache management is important. Newsleecher handles this very nicely. Your computer will not grind to halt while it is thrashing through large header caches. If fact, the program sorts and manages large groups impressively fast. Marking headers as old or removing them from the cache works as expected, and will not require a complete header download again. This program downloads headers/files very quickly when provided full access to the bandwidth. The UI took some getting use to (as with anything new) but all of the needed functionality is there. I am only rating this program as a 3 due to the exception dialogue that routinely pops up during header updates. The exception is trapped internally so the program continues when refreshing headers for multiple groups, but still a problem. It becomes annoying when the dialog box requires a few hundred clicks, or program must be terminated through the task manager. There appears to be a cosmetic display problem with some slight cropping of the top desktop icons. I will evaluate this one again after the next version.
added by mnmr on July 28, 2006
Awesome binary news grabber. This is the only program that wont clog with a really fast connection, and the super search feature is just plain spectacular.

Firefox is my default browser and I never noticed any issues with that (maybe SS worked differently in older versions though).
added by Michael Jackson on June 8, 2006
I found the interface to be quite pleasant, but not spectacular.

Note that the super search feature uses Internet Explorer's rendering engine. It's not compatible with other browsers like FireFox, Opera, or Netscape. This is not mentioned on their front page or in any conspicuous place; I found it buried in the forum and posted by on of the admins. To me, that sounds deceptive. They should always list technical requirements so consumers can make an informed decision.

I think that it's kind of strange for anyone to pay such a price for a product whose main feature is still not perfected and suffers from frequent problems (Super Search). I mean how about a little stability for the money they take in.

I feel really sorry for people whose subscriptions run their course and then the Super Search feature is improved.

Ok software, but marketed deceptively.

I give it a 2.
added by skullking on March 22, 2006
I used Agent for many years and then switched to NewsRover, which I hated. A friend recommended NewsLeecher and since I've been using it I have nothing negative to say about it. I love the Super Search feature.
added by shortnose batfish on January 24, 2006
i finally moved from xnews (great free newsreader) to NewsLeecher, and it has mage my life a lot simpler..great prog, super search is an incredibly useful tool...yes, i wish it was free, but i cannot fault it's functionality and ease of use
added by Gausselimination on March 15, 2005
very very easy to use. has a search feature so u dont have to dl all the headers. stable and fast.
added by momo on March 9, 2005
This program is AWESOME! The Supersearch rocks. It is well worth the 29.95.
added by axc97c on January 31, 2005
Most complete and fully featured binary newsreader ive tried.
added by -bluntman- on January 29, 2005
SuperSearch feature is very good when it is working - it's still in beta testing so hiccups happen. As of yesterday Jan 28th 2005 the homepage is down - appears to be too popular for the current web hosting company to support! It'll be back shortly, no doubt about that! When the SuperSearch is up to final release status this program will definately be worth 5 out of 5 stars!
added by donely on December 12, 2004
Easily rivals Newsbin Pro. Should be less expensive though
added by cacahead on October 31, 2004
great program. not a memory hog like newsbin pro. only bad thing is its a bit expensive. but if you know how to use the newsgroups then you probably know how to run accross a version with a longer trial period ;)
added by JunioR on September 6, 2004
Great program. Uses very little memory. Could use a bandwidth limiter function though. Excellent to use with .nzb files.
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