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NewsBin Pro
Current Version
Release Date
October 20, 2009
DJI Interprises
Shareware, ($35) (10-day free trial)
Has Adware / Spyware?
No / No
User Rating
Votes: 17
NewsBin Pro is a Fast and Smart Usenet Robot that downloads and decodes binary file attachments to Usenet posts. NewsBin saves you time by using multiple connections to maximize your available bandwidth and by automatically combining multipart binary posts to create one file. NewsBin is a smart robot because it will detect duplicate files, allows filtering of files by newsgroup, and can be configured to automatically scan your newsgroups 24x7 for your favorite files.
User Comments
added by markfred on September 10, 2006
Since binary groups these days are extremely busy, where daily updates of a million or more headers is common, cache management becomes very important. Yes, you can search and create NZBs which I do at times, but I do monitor my favorite list of groups. I do not know if I want it until I see what is there. This program has an intuitive UI. I like it as it makes sense. Unfortunately, the header cache management is the worst that I have seen. I have a fast P4 running at over 3 Ghz, finely tuned OS, and 1 GB of memory. I have lots of free ram but this program will thrash for several minutes while it is managing the cache. As I scroll through the headers, I like to remove what I have already seen. The previous version 5.05 (I think) allowed one to delete the selected headers from cache. This process could take minutes as your drive thrashes and thrashes. I find marking headers as READ to be useless because the cache file size remains the same. This program will put you to sleep when loading up a group with a few million headers (even if all headers are marked as READ), and deleting pockets of headers within a group will grind your PC down to a halt as the HD light shines in your office. Terrible but a must in order to reduce the cache file size for the group. I have read the forms and noticed that several others have reported the same problem. Unfortunately the program developers do not understand the nature of this problem and offer advice that is simply useless such as purging to MPA (LOL). The support forum is also frequented by a parot that can mutter nothing more than "Read the manual". The manual is incomplete and is even stated as such. The DELETE function in the current version seems to be completely ineffective now, so I do not see any solution to the cache management problem in the near future. It was terrible before but at least you could prune the cache file. Now you cannot, and are left with a useless purge to MPA. If you miss the last MPA cycle, be prepared to download 42000000 new haaders again in a group like boneless. Unacceptable to me and thank you for trial versions.
added by Chewie on August 25, 2006
Bought NBP at v3 and have been more than happy with it ever since.

I don't have any speed issues with either header or binary downloads - maybe people using a bad crack will find that the demo-specific throttle isn't deactivated.

The only issue I have with tha latest version (5.3) is a sort order one. Other than that, this program is a beauty.
The best $35 I've ever spent on a computer.
added by mnmr on July 28, 2006
Performance is horrible and the UI needs some serious usability work in order for NBP to reclaim the throne. It was the best for a decade, but somehow got stuck in the 90's.
added by condor on May 17, 2006
Crashed multiple times and had to be reinstalled. D/L speeds fluctuate a lot. Header d/l's very slow.
added by ditto on May 3, 2006
i'm a registered newsbin user since 5 years ago.

the program was good 2 years ago but right now it is completely outdated.


1. it is processor hog when downloading large newsgroups and downloading only small portions of headers is not always a good option.

2. it doesn't have integrated search service which almost all other major clients have.

3. v5 series has stability issues especially when using the program in conventional way.

thus for a seasoned usenet user which wants to download headers from large newsgroups newsbin is nearly useless. it can be only effectively used for downloading using nzb files, but then a lot of free clients do the same without the host of useless options.

their development was very sluggish lately, only couple of releases for many months and it seems they are not going to address those major problems, it is why i'm using a different newsreading client right now.
added by MarcusM on January 21, 2006
the best newsreader ive ever seen! :D
added by eagle55 on September 18, 2004
Well worth the $35. It is invaluble for newsgroups and makes downloading so much easier. I recommend it 100%!
added by FemmeNikita on September 16, 2004
Must have program for downloading from Usenet. I've never had any problems.
added by JunioR on September 6, 2004
Great program, but uses alot of memmory. It has really nice features (bandwidth limiter, automatic downloads, multi servers/connections etc.)
added by miner on September 5, 2004
This is a very feature rich news reader that supports nzb files. I use the 'bandwidth limiter' often if I am going to surf. I have not seen this feature in any other news reader. It is very user friendly for using multiple servers and is smart at detecting duplicate files. The 'download chunks only' feature also comes in handy at times.
added by Deaths_Advocate on September 4, 2004
You would be crazy not to have this program if you use newsgroups. Very reliable and fully worth the $35 registration fee.
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