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Current Version
Release Date
April 30, 2009
Ilan Shemes
Freeware, but the use of the search feature may require payment.
Has Adware / Spyware?
No / No
User Rating
Votes: 17
A particularly good news reader to use for getting binaries off the newsgroups.
User Comments
added by misterix on May 16, 2007
Great program, Ilan Shemes constantly adds features that people request on his forum. It is so simple and free to use. Much better than alt.binz.
added by orelse on August 2, 2006
Would be a great prog if it didn't constantly drop connect speed...which thendrops to zero KB/s and starts over...It's a beta for a reason.
added by mnmr on July 28, 2006
Way too unstable for any practical use.
added by lebestier on June 2, 2006
Hangs a lot, decore errors a lot...still a beta, u dont want it.
added by apranax on January 27, 2006
Free software, reliable, may be less options then newsbin pro but again it's simpler to use
added by carolinawolf on September 23, 2005
has lots of good features, although it's a teach your self program for the most part. would be nice with a tutural i haven't found. but once you {learn} the program it's gets better and better. did have one problem that i don't know what was at fault.after days of use i started getting "artical is not on server" after i had watched it download at 400 k/Bs. after a complete uninstall [and it leaves parts you must find and delete manually.] and then reinstalling it fixed the problem. love the search feature saves loads of time.i pay for unlimited searches lots better than the pay search sites. {and with this no directions]hold mouse over list to read where file is in the alt.binaries, then you download that binarie and grabit will high lite your file of choise.use feature top of page "find" and again no directions how to do this that i could find. as i said you must teach your self all the hidden features. but it's a good piece of software. and love that price, he, he.
added by Allied on May 11, 2005
I can't find a problem with it. Simple, effecient, free and stable.
I don't really like the bone icon. But the dog pic makes up for that.
Newsleecher seem to be the leading client for Newsgroups. It does give a broader view of whats happening that GrabIt. But nothing essential.
added by sorrowful on March 9, 2005
All newsgroups you are subscribed to, are stored in the registry!
added by lordfoul on September 13, 2004
This proggy was a 4 without NZB support, but now that it is included, it's a 5.
added by googs on September 9, 2004
As stated by the other reviewers, it does a great job of downloading binaries. If you only download binaries, I absolutely recommend this program to you, and you'd rate a 5.
However, if you post any text messages or reply at all, you'll find GrabIt has very limited messaging capabilties.
Besides that downfall, it's all good :)
added by SlyckTom on September 5, 2004
Very good binary news reader, but the text posting is lacking. It is also a memory hog and tends to hang up. However, when it works, it works very well.
added by GeraldBazillion on September 4, 2004
This is my favorite newsreader program for downloading binaries.

Pro's - It is VERY easy to use and it does the job.
Con's - It could have a more functional text poster.
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