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Current Version
Release Date
September 11, 2007
Ludvig Strigeus
Has Adware / Spyware?
No / No
User Rating
Votes: 106
Networks Supported
µTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint. It was designed to use as little cpu, memory and space as possible while offering all the functionality expected from advanced clients.
User Comments
added by icecr3am on June 7, 2007
Fast d/l; dht support; protocol encryption; small; light on resources; very configureable;

not fancy; not slow
added by im69wired on March 28, 2007
It's fancy, and it gives you lots of tweaks, but it is SLOW!!!
added by pkrisnin on January 31, 2007
Used to be good but developers seemed to have stoped developing the client. Its now ineffective againts latest ISP blocking methods.
added by endo122 on January 1, 2007
Good. Very small footprint, but not as fast as BitTornado [which is open source, another +]. Also had conflicts using it on my nVidia boards, with or w/o nVidia's firewall on.
added by a44 on November 11, 2006
Well, this app is really hot. And I mean it. It has functionality second only to Azureus. However, it does not need installation and is contained in a single 150kB executable. That's right. 150kB. With a built-in search function(saves me time i'm lazy), multiple torrent handling, DHT, well, everything functional you can find in Azureus. Now with the new Web UI, it gets even better.
The only drawback is that it is closed source, and the recent connection with PeerFactor. However, I still trust µtorrent.
added by Synbios on September 24, 2006
The fastest, cleanest, and most efficient BitTorrent client I have used. Works great even behind most routers and firewalls, just enable UPnP and you're good to go!
added by LithiumX on August 28, 2006
This is the best bit torrent client for the M$ Windows operating system. I previously tried BitComet (Leecher) and Azureus (bloated resource hog). I could care less if its closed source...If the software had been designed according to Peerfactor or RIAA's agenda someone would have found out by monitoring traffic.
added by bsabbath on August 7, 2006
Excellent client, barely uses any memory and is fast and efficient. Best BitTorrent client out there.
added by Willowthewitch on April 30, 2006
I have somewhat mixed feeling on uTorrent. For a basic client it's pretty dang good it has almost no memory foot print and uses very little cpu time, unlike Azureus under windows because of poor windows java support. On the down side it's closed source and doesn't have near the features of Azureus. It's also windows only so it can't be run a Mac or Linux.
added by mj76 on April 25, 2006
I've tried them all and this is the best I've used. Everything else has been deleted. The only thing that would make this better is support for some optional plug-ins.
added by mbbx3ajc on April 12, 2006
The Peerfactor stuff doesn't make the client any less useful. It's still the best IMO.
added by ashwinnavin on March 24, 2006
closed source.. new developer.. potentially spaghetti code, but who knows we cant look into it
added by Mr_Cynical on March 18, 2006
Sorry, but trust a closed-source app created by someone who works for network-poisoning PeerFactor? Don't think so!
added by Megalith on March 9, 2006
Version 1.5 is even better. utorrent now has protocol encryption. I achieve constant maximum transfer speeds with this software. DHT functionality is another bonus. The UI is simple and easy to use. It has no plug in ability like azureus but then who needs that anyway!!! it takes up hardly any resources as well. Oh yeah it has an easter egg... goto About and press T now you can play tetris while you wait for your domnloads to finish!!! absolutely amazing torrent app 5/5
added by GUYNEWBIE on March 7, 2006
Exellent client!!!
It is an a very small package and equally small drain on system. I am able to have full DL speeds while playing full action games.

Whith all the hystaria over Ludde's (the developer)6 month trial contract with a company that has links to Anti-P2P activity, many opinions will be thrown around, so here is mine;
Since Ludde has ademently stated that UT will not be affected in any way shape or form by his new money making venture, I will stand by this product and use it and recommend it.
added by peterpaulw on March 5, 2006
Used to be an excellent choice for a Bittorrent client. But since the lead developer of µTorrent, Ludvig Strigeus has made a deal with an Anti-P2P company (, the trustworthyness of the closed-source client is in question. I'm not against commercial use of P2P, but working with a company of such background is highly objectionable. (going back to Azureus!)

uTorrent Sign Six Month RetSpan Agreement

PeerFactor invents 'peer-against-peer' networks
May 06, 2004 @ 05:28pm
Huge controversy in France: Retspan, a French anti-piracy organization, has launched a new service called PeerFactor. The idea: pay P2P users to distribute fakes that redirect downloaders to legal web sites.

This service has 2 effects. First, it creates a new kind of spoofing method based on Web users. Second, it brings P2P users to legal download platforms. Members are paid according to the number of redirections or purchases that are made thanks to the fakes they distribute.
added by limbeck on February 26, 2006
Don't know why people are saying its slow. I average 150KB/s and peak higher. Small footprint, best client.
added by eternal0void on February 25, 2006
Utterly useless. Makes my hard drive make clunking noises. I hate waiting for months to get a new feature in a *beta* version of uTorrent, that has been out in a stable version of an open source client for months. No plugin system means always waiting for ONE GUY to put in new features.
added by pcve on January 25, 2006
smallest, fastest and most accepted client (not banned).
added by doinkies on January 14, 2006
uTorrent is a very nice BT client...I switched to it after using BitComet, and I love how light it is, and yet it has all the features a BT client should have. I highly recommend it for those using Windows.
added by mrcs311 on January 10, 2006
Great potential, but extremely slow compared to other clients. Even with tweaking and port forwarding...etc. Would be a great tool if just faster.
added by gwena26 on January 6, 2006
Although I absolutely *loved* all the options in Azureus, I couldn't spare the large amount of resources that java needed. uTorrent is a wonderful substitution. Granted, it couldn't possibly offer all the options as Azureus, but utorrent makes up for the options with an incredibly small amount of resource usage. You can also download and share a number of files at the same time without worrying about performance. (At least on my system.)

So, yeah, thumbs up.
added by P2P_G on January 3, 2006
I think that this is the best BT client :D
added by rocktorrentz on January 3, 2006
This is in my opinion the best bittorrent client available for windows. I would love to see it become open source so that it can be rewritten for linux.
added by the_Ruler on December 20, 2005
Very nice client, great for power users but better options available for novice BT users.
added by ou_bien on December 19, 2005
This is the best of Torrents clients, it is super light, easy, extremely fast, user friendly reliable, spy/addware free.
the only one to get.
after trying a lot of them.
added by chickendog on December 11, 2005
This client shows promise, but there are still some issues to be worked out. It's much better than Bitcomet, but not nearly as good as Azureus.
added by gomez on November 11, 2005
This is an amazing torrent client and in my opinion the best. It is only 105KB in size and yet has most of the features of Azureus with none of the problems. You do not even need to install it!

ipfilter.dat is supported (put it in C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data) and so is DHT. There is an inbuilt search and the program has no advertisements or other unwanted components. You even get those little country flag locators.

I have not experienced any GUI freezes, misreporting or crashes since I have started using this program. This program is also very kind on your system resources.

I urge everyone interested in torrent clients to try this program for themselves and see how great it is.
added by Allied on November 10, 2005
Same DHT support as BitComet or The Official BitTorrent Client.
Uses far less memory than any other client.
Written in C++.
added by findme on November 6, 2005
wow just like azureus but way better.. i love this client!
added by zonk on November 3, 2005
was using azureus but this client has everything i want. It has better control of seeding times for each torrent. And they have packed it into a file under 100k which makes azureus look very bloated.
added by secure5150 on October 25, 2005
Very easy on memory use, gets the job done. I switched to this after getting fed up with bittornado. Bittornado, at least the latest version has an problem that when you click "finish" it still stays in memory. Not only that but I wanted a client that has a queue system. This has both and uses less memory than bitcomet, so this is my choice.
added by binboy on October 18, 2005
I really do like this client. However like a few of the past comments I do have an issue with the speed fluctuation when d/l. For example the majority of my d/l varies by up too 25% with this client, where the same file with BC or AZ stays stable. If this issue could be solved it would be my first choice for a client.
added by mshawn1981 on October 16, 2005
Awesome Client!! It's like having Azureus but without the resource hog. Plus it's really great to use on a memory stick. Take it anywhere and download without installing anything...
added by underdog on October 14, 2005
was ok for a day or two, but the download speeds left a little to be desired. - had 7 torrents collectively downloading at 15k per sec (on a 1.5mb connection, no less) transferred the torrents back over to azureus, and after 30 minutes, was downloading at a constant 119k per second. its a shame, as it seems like a fully featured client, however, im after speed, speed speed. If you have the PC for it, azureus is a much more reliable client.
added by cane_ on October 12, 2005
Exceptional BT client!
No DHT support for now, but it's planned for the future ahead.
Hoping to see it soon!
added by opita on September 29, 2005
This program is great, low footprint, almost a baby copy of azureus (without java), swarm downloading (+++) and easy to use.
I think I found a new love, azureus might just take second place.
No if we can only smack the developer and release it as open source, I can die in peace.
added by seanssd on September 29, 2005
SLOWER than Azureus? Is that possible? I found Azureus to be OKAY under Linux, but maybe the slowest loading/acting Windows app ever. Limewire sux too, but Azureus takes the cake. For download speeds, uTorrent, like Azureus is okay. I'm a big Bitcommet fan, but uTorrent is an alternative, better than Azureus, at least.

Don't get me wrong, if you have a new P5-8.0Ghz 3GB ram system, I'm sure Azureus is fine. If not, uTorrent might work. Or there's Bitcommet. Bitcommet is probably worth a try anyway, as software choice is highly subjective among products that function. Try it, you may find that you love it!
added by WarpiG on September 25, 2005
Seems slower and has less options than Bitcomet or Azureus. Just doesn't have the advanced options most intermediate to advanced torrent users need. But its looking good. Has potential and a small footprint.
added by Assyrian on September 24, 2005
Very light
# Typical memory usage less than 4 MB
# Incredibly small: 82 KB

added by eisa01 on September 24, 2005
Very light program containing most of the features you need in a BT client. Of course it doesn't have all the features of Azureus, but how many need them? And it beats BitComet hands down.
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