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October 4, 2007
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Votes: 90
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Azureus is a java bittorrent client. It provides a bittorrent protocol implementation using java language.

Azureus offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options and instant access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents. Azureus now features an embedded tracker easily set up and ready to use.
User Comments
added by EdH on April 21, 2007
By far the most advanced bittorrent client out there. It's suited for more advanced users, but with the right configuration you get blazing download speeds and very little CPU and memory usage. It runs fine on my several-year-old laptop with a 533MHz processor and 768MB of RAM, both XP and Linux. Also works fine on Dual 2.8GHz with 1GB RAM, on both Linux and XP.

If it's a resource hog, you're probably not doing something right - check the Azureus FAQ or use a bittorrent client suited for less advanced users.
added by LithiumX on August 28, 2006
Not great for M$ Windows Operating Systems. In that capacity, its a bloated resource hog. For me, it would always hang on exit...after maintaining a clean system with up-to-date versions of Sun Java. Use UTorrent instead.

If I were downloading torrents on my Linux box, I might consider using Azureus there.
added by bsabbath on August 7, 2006
Definetly has a ton of features, and is a fast, good client. The reason I dont give it a 5 is because it takes up way too much memory.
added by oneeyedwilli on July 26, 2006
Based on the 1-5 rating system, I guess i gave this a 1 b/c 1 being bad and had to try and remove from computer immediately or 5 love it and use it often.

Well, now you know which refers to me.

I know that bittorrent engines are like g/fs or b/fs, you have to find the one that matches you best. Unfortunately I had to dump this engine b/c it wasn't so much that it slowed down my computer, rather it associated all bitcomet(.torrent) files as it's own and wouldn't let any other programs of the kind operate properly around it. Azureus was too cluttered; Too many nonsense options.
Plus it didn't do anything bitcomet couldn't do already. My speeds seemed better w/ bitcomet.

I tried Azureus, didn't like it. Goodluck to whomever wants to attempt it.
added by pwlee on July 2, 2006
Too resource hungry. Try uTorrent.
added by Willowthewitch on April 29, 2006
The people who are bad mouthing Azureus as being a resource hog are blaming the wrong thing. I've run Azureus on a 200mhz (603e) Mac 6400 running Classic MacOS 8.5 with 48meg and gotten very good results. Azeureus runs like a champ on my 400mhz G4 Sawtooth with 512meg ram running OS 10.2

Just so you don't think I'm all about my Mac's I also have a AMD Athlon64 3000+ 1gig ram running the openSuse 9.0 distrobution of linux.
added by ashwinnavin on March 24, 2006
memory hog and large install.. extensions are buggy and poorly written
added by eternal0void on February 25, 2006
Azureus always seems to have more options than any other BitTorrent client, but the default settings are enough for most people. For example, Azureus had encryption into a stable version long before any other client. I prefer a client with a built-in cache (BitComet is another one). The most current version of Java fixes most reported problems. I use Linux mor often than Windows, and Azureus means a consistent platform across Windows and Linux.
added by shooter on February 15, 2006
About the same speeds as Bit Tornado , much nicer GUI and much more infos and options , easy to configure . I have a performant sistem so maybe that's why it's need of resources does not bother me .
added by frednurks123 on February 11, 2006
cpu hogger
added by LovelyAngel1624 on December 13, 2005
great features, but uses to much resources
added by chickendog on December 11, 2005
Easily the best bittorrent program currently available. Feature rich, with plenty of plugins. Nothing else really comes close except for uTorrent, and it's not ready for primetime.

The only reason one could have for disliking this program would be its higher-than-average usage of system resources (around 100MB RAM) due to it being based on Java. Anyone with a halfway decent computer won't even notice that it's running, however.
added by MadJackal on November 24, 2005
Azureus is long as it's used on a decent OS. If you use windows, it isn't worth using, because of the poorly designed Java support fir windows.

I have used this on MacOS and also several versions of Linux, and it uses a FRACTION of the resources it does on my Wintendo box.

Use a REAL OS, and then try complaining about this top notch BitTorrent client.
added by sewalk on November 17, 2005
To anyone who still thinks Azureus is a resource pig:
It runs fine on my Dual 166MMX/512MB box with Debian Linux.

Yes, that's right, a dual one hundred-sixty-six MegaHertz machine. It doesn't exactly exhibit snappy GUI performance (like X is worth a crap, anyway) but overall throughput with three or four active torrents is excellent.

Don't blame Azureus for problems caused by your poorly configured router or crappy Java implementation.
added by LD18 on November 1, 2005
Best BT client I've tried so far. I've used BitComet, BitSpirit, and BitLord, and none of them compare to Azureus. As long as your computer is decent (at least 1 GHz IMO), you shouldn't have any problem running it. By far the most features and options available in any client.
added by LaX on October 30, 2005
I would highly recommend this client to people who thinks their computer is powerful enough for java. Mine hardly slows down with azureus running with 3 Ghz and 512 ram.
added by lyp on October 27, 2005
my client of choice. something cool about that is rarely mentioned: it is the only cli client (console ui) that allows you to control the up/down speeds for a particular torrent. the benefits should be clear to heavy p2p users. console ui + ssh + screen=ability to control my torrents from *any* computer with security and negligible bandwidth and cpu usage.
added by underdog on July 7, 2005
I can run this in the backgorund whilst doing anything else. A fantastic program to use, customizable upload thresholds, and just powerful in everything it does. I do run a P4 3.4 1gig machine though, so if you are at the lower end of the specs, be prewarned: it does eat a lot of RAM (the java platform uses approx 150mb ram after being on for 3 days), and can make a slower PC chug (i had a PIII 866 with 512 mb sdram and it really slowed things down there)

However if you have fairly new rig, you won't have any issues with this extremely well made peice of software
added by Michael Jackson on July 4, 2005
The best BitTorrent client hands down.

It runs smooth on my system, with tons of useful options, and it's constantly being updated by the developers.
added by Cypher on June 29, 2005
Undoubtedly the best BitTorrent client around - nothing else even comes close to touching Azureus in terms of configurability & compatibility.

Azureus runs perfectly even on my ancient PII 450 / 352MB RAM PC, which already has a high overhead: Windows 2003 Server with many services running. Even so, CPU usage is low (approx 10%). No crashes - even when surfing or playing games while Azureus is running.

Azureus also runs without "hogging resources" on my XP Tablet. Again, this is not not exactly cutting edge in the hardware department: PIII-M 795MHz / 502 MB RAM (shared video memory), but Az has no real impact on system performance - even with the inherent overheads of XP Tablet Edition.

On my main PC, (2800+ AMD 64 / 512 MEG RAM) Azureus runs 24/7 without the CPU getting remotely stressed, even when using WMP / Power DVD to watch e.g. XViD avis. Running Azureus while ripping vids with Pinnacle InstantCopy does give it some exercise, but not to the detriment of either app (& still leaving plenty resources for me attend to my Outlook e-mail / surf at the same time).

I have to conclude that anyone who says that Azureus is a "resource hog" either:
1) hasn't used it,
2) has altered their settings to an absurd degree, or
3) needs to read the FAQ!

The SourceForge Azureus FAQ on clearly states there that Zone Alarm (largely the later versions) WILL cause high CPU problems (not just for Azureus, but for many other P2P apps). NOD32 Antivirus is also listed as causing issues, although these are easily solved by adding the javaw.exe as an exception.

Anyone wanting to run P2P should consider using a suitable firewall &/or antivirus - which they know how to configure. Otherwise, claims of high CPU usage must be viewed with the suspicion of "user error" or "won't RTFM"; it may well be the case that a less configurable client would indeed be more suitable for such people.
added by duey on June 14, 2005
I'm running Azureus on an AMD 900 MHz computer with 384 MB RAM Running WinXP Pro with absolutely no problems. I can download/seed multiple torrents with an average of 5% CPU usage and resonable memory usage. I can even have it running in the background while playing a game!
added by Nick on June 5, 2005
I used to like Azureus, but running under Java was too high a price to pay. Intermittent crashes (especially when trying to view PHP based boards such as Slyck) made it unusable. After a couple of months of soldiering on, I got shot of it and went to BitComet. No troubles since. Azureus sucks
added by Meow on May 22, 2005
Really don't know why people call this one a resource monster AT ALL. It's not been using more than 4% CPU on my rather old P4, and that 4% were only peaks caused by javaw.exe, not by Azureus itself. Both have never frozen or crashed on me once (most other clients did).
Sure it uses java, but so does OpenOffice, so does Firefox and so do many applications out there.

In Windows2000 javaw.exe takes around 50 Megs of RAM, Azureus only 1.5 M RAM. In comparison; WinAMP uses 7.8 M RAM, iTunes almost 40 M RAM, firefox.exe itself over 70 Megabytes of RAM! So please, could you all cut back on the 'resource-monster' accusations?

It's without a doubt the best and most stable client I've had running on my Win2005 (Win2k up to date, that is) and Fedora Core 3 PC's. It has all the options one could ever need, and yes, one WILL need them as soon as one gets used to downloading stuff using torrents. You live you learn, and you'll end up using Azureus pretty soon. ~jult
added by pcve on May 20, 2005
You'll need a bit more memory and an faster system, but otherwise the most feature rich client available
added by nino on May 14, 2005
this client uses a lot of cpu to run. it works good though in my p4 3.2 but lags or crashes in my slower computers. The other issue I have with this program is ZoneAlarm keeps saying that its trying to transmit email messages but i think its just a part of their new tracking ability. Also settings are a little tricky in regards to being able to restrict the uploads to 2 per torrent. I think it kept defaulting to 4 per torrent on the cable setting but that was choaking my download speeds. I found that the best option was to select the modem option which defaults to 2 uploads per torrent and manually change the download to 0 for unlimited. Once you get it dialed in and if your using a fast system everything should be fine.
added by theedge on May 7, 2005
The newest release sucks. I thought newer versions were supposed better, not in this case, its actually much slower even having updated my Java app.
added by ShadowyFigure on April 22, 2005
On my Win XP box I never got this one working for long and I have a gig of RAM and a 3mbps connection. CPU usage always went through the roof and the program is not easy to figure out. I didn't have much luck with ABC either but BitComet worked like a charm from the start. YMMV.
added by xerox6502 on April 20, 2005
The best ... open source, with loads of features, and it gets great speeds for me. It also encourages users to seed by autoimatically restarting seeds that need it.
added by Slyone on April 5, 2005
Great features (has all you could want); however, a resource hog. Has brought my 3.2ghz 512 ram comp to a crawl at times when left running long enough with other programs.
added by boney2005 on March 22, 2005
A good, and extremely usable client. It can squeeze your bandwidth and resources and I would therefore suggest that it not be considered for those without a broadband connection, plenty of memory and a fast(ish) processor.
added by mshawn1981 on March 10, 2005
It's as customizable and as graphical as you could ever want. Not to mention that there are also plugins such as the rss feed reader that automatically d/l's the shows or files that you want from the rss feed.
added by LDiracDelta on February 15, 2005
Permits saving to any directory for each torrent. This spreads availability of files since there is less of a need to move the files after downloadage.
added by Drake on November 22, 2004
5/5 - Azureus has a very user friendly interface and it's not hard to configure. It's written in Java so it uses more resources than most of the other BitTorrent apps, but it's extremely efficient.

If you have an older PC or experience slowdowns, you can use an older version of Azureus ( This version seems to use less resources.
added by Made in England on September 6, 2004
The Best Torrent client feature wise. Problem is it consumes massive CPU power because of the java.

e.g. on my athlon 2100 - typical downloadind 2 torrents.
Azureus consumes 50-70% cpu
BitTornado only 5%
This is a huge difference. Not a problem if its the only application running, but if you are trying to do something else demanding at the same time, then you run into problems.
added by lordfoul on September 6, 2004
Azureus is my client on both versions of linux and WindowsXP and I like that. Full of configurable downloading and seeding options making it function the way you want.
added by poullos on September 6, 2004
The best client using bittorrent protocol. Always a step ahead from other clients regarding features. The developers are now promoting their product for proffessional use to companies...
added by Kevo on September 5, 2004
Thes best of all of the Bittorrent clients, and possibly the only Java program I have ever used that doesn't run slow! (even on my 550mhz comp)
added by Malicious Intent on September 4, 2004
Undoubtedly an amazing client, worthy of its many followers. This client gives full control over every aspect of the downloading process. This client is miles ahead of any other BT project.

The client can also aid with every step of setting up and tracking of a torrent, allowing users to release their own material.

It is worth noting that you should not expect the earth from this client. Although it deserves much praise, hence my 5/5, it also gets lots of credit beyond what it deserves. I do not believe this client is any quicker at downloading files. Users can choose specific files to download first, and preview sections of a torrent, but from start to end, speeds are no better than elsewhere.

New users may struggle with some of the complexities of this client, although the Azureus Homepage provides extensive support.
added by DaBlade on September 3, 2004
The best BitTorrent client around! It has loads of useful features, loads of useful plugins, a good looking interface, an unrivaled download speed and a "Force Start" function, which you can use if your download gets halted for some reason. The client is written entirely in the programming language Java, so you need to install the Java Virtual Machine, which you can get from It supports multiple operating systems, like Linux, Windows, Mac OS X etc...

It has won the Project of the Month September 2004 award*, proving it's superiority. It's got support for shitloads of languages, making it easy for people from most countries to use it.

It's intended mostly for more expert users, however it can be used by newbies with no problems at all.

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