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Luu Tran
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Xnews, a free Usenet newsreader for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP. It's written in Delphi.
User Comments
added by memnock on August 27, 2006
I'd really call Xnews a 4.5/5, but that' not an option sp I have to give it a 5/5. I've been using newsgroups since before of the days of world wide web (www) and tried at least a dozen news readers and Xnews has been my prefered news reader now for over 5 years.

1.) Access to multiple servers
2.) Handles text and binaries with ease
3.) It's freeware
4.) Has a very logical interface
5.) Decodes Yenc
6.) Offer a lot of customization

1.) Uses at at lot memory, especially if access a HUGE binaries group from a news serving with long rention
2.) Could use better filters
3.) Not very user friendly especially for those who aren't very computer savy.
4.) It's rarely updated, but it's almost not a con. You know the saying why mess with a good thing?

added by sorrowful on October 26, 2005
Honestly, Xnews does not reach commercial newsreaders like Newsleecher et al. But IMO it is one of the best free newsreaders for Windows. I've used it now quite some time, before I had BNR and GrabIt which both had their shortcomings. GrabIt stores sensitive information in the registry and BNR somehow had bugs, at least with my machine. Xnews is stable, easy to use and give you a lot of options you can tweak.
5 of 5 Stars.
added by Hoosierdaddy on September 24, 2005
I used this program for several years, so there is a definite soft spot in my heart for it. It was great, as long as I was using my ISP's news server which only has about a week of retention. However, when I became a man, I put away childish things. When I started using a subscription news server with 20+ days retention, that's when the weakness of X-News became apparent. It simply could not handle the header load for large binary newsgroups. It turned into a resource hog, bogging down almost all of my available memory. Or it crashed altogether. I truly wish the developer would address this issue in an updated release of the program. And that he would add NZB support as well. But it appears that signifigant development has slowed to a crawl. So it was with great sadness that I had to let X-News go and switch to NewsLeecher. X-News has so much potential that I truly hate to see it slowly fade. But without further development, it is being left in the dust by the better newsgroup readers.
added by Imagenyuss on September 22, 2004
love the program; easy to use and has plenty of resources and materials to help learn how to use it.
added by aloniv on September 4, 2004
A good reader for text groups, but not recommended for binaries, unless you use the archive option. If a message is missing in a rar archive for instance, the programme moves on to the next segment without attempting to retrieve the rest of the messages from the first rar. Use of multiple connections is only possible if you retrieve headers several times. Prioritising newsservers requires manually editing a text file (groups.ini).
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