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Current Version
Release Date
October 1, 2008
Shareaza Development Team
Freeware (GNU GPL)
Has Adware / Spyware?
No / No
User Rating
Votes: 71
Networks Supported
Shareaza is the most luxurious and sophisticated file sharing system you'll find. It can harness the power of up to four separate peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, including EDonkey2000, Gnutella, BitTorrent and Shareaza's native network, Gnutella2 (G2).

Beta available at:
User Comments
added by maturelistener on December 20, 2006
Very comprehensive program. Multiple network connections, multiple download threads of the same file from different locations. Bandwidth throttling and program scheduling. Somewhat of a dark horse because it was out of the gate late and left the gate quietly. It is all-around very good at handling the job it needs to.
added by GreatInca on November 1, 2006
Shareaza clients help get many BitTorrent-only releases onto ED2K!
added by shooter on February 15, 2006
Like this? Try shareaza plus. It's faster. Less configuring options though. Don't use this for bittorrents or ed2k as there are better clients outhere (azureus and edonkey). ED2k using whith shareaza/shareaza plus is only good I think when it swarms whith Gnutella (same file can be found both on Gnutella and eD2k) - but I did not test the speeds - don't know for sure.
added by HeaDCase on January 23, 2006
Nice allrounder, although torent creation and seeding control is not exactly straightforward.
added by blob71 on December 18, 2005
hard to understand interface
added by im69wired on October 15, 2005
Handy Program. I must have tried 10 different P2P clients over the years, and have finally settled on Shareaza and BitComet.
Now if someone would come up with a program that would do
both torrents and P2P without jumping through a bunch of hoops to seed torrents, I'll be a happy camper!
added by Ankmin on September 22, 2005
A good all rounder, new 2.2 version brings a lot of improvements. Bittorrent facility improved (but some private trackers still ban it) but Ed2k still seems slow (that might due to the inherent properties of the Ed2k network). I'm not sure about G1 support as I've not tried it yet, but G2 is great. Its not perfect but saves having 4 P2p programs running in parallel. Fast downloads and reliable. Has an undeserved reputation among some reactionary quarters, but it is definitely the sign of things to come.
added by MKrmec on September 11, 2005
Finaly the 2.2 version is out with a million improvements everybody download.
added by zab on September 10, 2005
Way overhyped. The technology it uses is outdated, the interface is complicated.. just a toy for the computer geek wannabe.
added by ale5000 on September 1, 2005
added by kjf2 on August 23, 2005
Shareaza is a very good p2p-client with a fully configurable gui. you can switch between power-/normal-mode or choose a windowed interface instead of the tabbed one. And there are lots of skins.

When it comes to performance 2.1 is very good on the g1/g2 networks but it has serious flaws on ed2k and bittorrent.

The upcoming 2.2 should remove these flaws. Beta4 ( available at ) performes very good on these networks. The only thing it´s still missing is g1-ultrapeer-support.
added by sarmin on August 7, 2005
it sucks it has very slow download speeds.
added by OhMyGod on June 29, 2005
Simply the best file sharing program that I have ever used. The new beta has made some excellent improvements with Gnutella and eDonkey networks. BitTorrent also has excellent speeds on this beta compairable with BitComet.
added by mkol on May 28, 2005
Shareaza is the best multinetwork client. This version can download correctly from eMule (older versions couldn't). Shareaza now supports chat over eDonkey2000 and BitTorrent protocols.
added by GreatDaneBoy on April 3, 2005
This is hands-down the best p2p out there! I have tried them all and Shareaza kicks ass!! =)
added by peteparis on March 25, 2005
too powerful at times seems to take over the system. Not very stable if broadband dsl goes down whilst connected.
added by seneschal on March 16, 2005
Very good program with lots of features, a little slow in some implementation but a great way to get started.
added by Ynhockey on March 4, 2005
Shareaza is jack of all trades, but master of none. Yes it connects to several networks, but has mediocre support for what are likely the most wanted ones - Ed2k and BitTorrent. On the plus side, Shareaza doesn't leech from any network. Shareaza can also be used as a download manager with the basic protocols (HTTP and recently FTP).

The interface is very good and easy to use, the features are many. Unfortunately, the client usually requires some tweaking for comfortable use.

On the negative side, Shareaza uses a lot of CPU and memory, the hashing is horribly slow. If you just want to try it for one or two downloads, I suggest not sharing too many files at first.

Luckily for us, since Shareaza is now open-source, version 2.2 is coming out soon with a huge amount of much needed updates.
added by vaneyck on February 11, 2005
A pleasure to use, mostly, and I find myself using only it and Warez P2P these days for everything except torrents. It is a much slower torrent downloader on my machine than BitTornado, my favourite torrent client. This would be bearable, but it has several times made itself the default Torrents client, despite my having unchecked the appropriate box. I've had to manually edit the file-type options and reboot to get back to the proper default client. Not acceptable. But I've kept Shareaza because of its other virtues, and I'd recommend it to anyone.
added by Desummoner on January 12, 2005
IMHO. This application has pretty good features and implementation, but I'm not going to recommend because there was some very nasty bugs (in traffic shaping, for example) with very passive reaction of developers to them. In another words, security in this project was not an option while I was using it. This is the only p2p client, which gave me _real_ troubles.
added by Cassavus on October 20, 2004
Just an over-all awesome p2p client! Never any problems
added by ninja123 on October 6, 2004
At first I had problems with it freezing up on me but as soon as I disabled the firewall its been great! This is the best P2P app I have used and I love the fact that it has a Bit torrent network which works really well.
added by Gordonx42 on September 16, 2004
This program has a lot of potential. It does not work well with the ed2k network though, rarely establishing a connection with emule clients.
added by asscracker on September 10, 2004
Use it all the time, cant live without it. For best performance, just use g2.
added by awesomeamazingaaron on September 9, 2004
As far as I know, Shareaza is the ONLY good multi-network client that supports downloading a single file from multiple networks.
added by jimmy90 on September 8, 2004
Without doubt the most progressive thinking P2P currently available, give it a try and support the cause with your new ideas.
added by gregorio on September 7, 2004
Thank you for your latest BitTorrent bugs, from now on you are banned from downloading from my client (and I'm not going to tell you which one that is ...)
added by kingmich on September 6, 2004
I've used shareaza for a long time, and I've always loved it. But I have to say that since it went open source, it's way better now, it's being improved really quickly, and I honestly can't think of a p2p client that could be as good. Try it, I'm sure it's just what you need ...
added by jlh on September 5, 2004
I've been a Shareaza user for a long time and support it wherever I can and only can say that it's an excellent p2p program that offers many useful features! I has the best GUI I've ever seen in p2p programs so far (and I've tested most major other programs). It's something that you simple must try out! There's no other program equivalent in quality that is completely spyware- and adware-free as well as open source at the same time. People often tell bad things about Shareaza for various reasons, but I bet half of them didn't ever really try it out; they call it a leecher client, which it definitely isn't. Best is, you don't listen to what people say. Build your own opinion now! Try it out now!
added by Kevo on September 5, 2004
My favourite P2P program I have ever tried. Everything is great about it: it's open sourced, it has the best GUI, it connects to some of the best networks available, and it is the most customizable p2p program out there.
added by Sarevok on September 5, 2004
A wonderful multi-network p2p application with an interface greater than all others.
added by Illithid on September 5, 2004
Jack of all trades p2p client. The GUI is somewhat cluttered and confusing.
added by mig on September 4, 2004
Having been a Shareaza user for well over a year now I have to say the v2 release when it was made open source was the best thing to happen with it.

One of the first major things that happened with a custom build was that _Shorty made it his aim to solve the hashing issue, and he has, the new builds are massively faster at hashing and no longer cripple cpus.

Theres also an ed2k build which is said to imporve ed2k support but I rarely use ed2k anyway so I havent tested it.

The bittorrent support is good, but not for large torrents over 1GB, it just doesnt like them. This is being worked on and should help things greatly.

The G2 network is growing all the time, newer releases are becoming very popular and because of this speeds are increasing all the time.
G1 is good for music but not a lot else, ed2k is great if you want rarer files or are lacking in sources for a file but speeds arent great from ed2k.

So things are getting better all the time for Shareaza, more users are using it and the open source builds are improving things greatly. Time to ditch that spyware filled p2p app your using now and get a good one.
added by j_dogg on September 4, 2004
Whilst many belive that multi-network clients are a bad thing. Shareaza has a lot going for it. Other Multi-Network clients leech, only use others networks and can't download from multiple networks simutaneously. Shareaza can drag sources from Gnutella (G1), Gnutella2 (G2) and eDonkey (eD2K) and download from sources on all these networks into the one download. It'll also upload to all four networks it supports. With BitTorrent, you can use the 'Find More Sources' function to locate other G2 users also download/seeding the same .torrent. Therefore, in most cases, you are still able to download if the tracker goes down. Shareaza provides it's own network, Gnutella2. This network is great for various sized files. It's variable search horizon means rare files can be found, whilst searches for popular content don't hammer the network. Shareaza's ed2k and g1 support is still lacking slightly. But with constant development and frequent releases it is constantly improving.

Shareaza has the most elaborate GUI of any p2p application on offer, with excellent skins also available. It's settings are highly tweakable, yet it is usable out of the box. Making it a good app for both those who don't know so much about computers, all the way through to more experienced users.

Shareaza is a great all around app, it's open-sourced, constantly improving and well on it's way to becoming 'The Ultimate P2P Program'.
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