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Current Version
Release Date
May 3, 2007
Ares Galaxy
Freeware, Open Source
Has Adware / Spyware?
No / No
User Rating
Votes: 33
Networks Supported
Ares is a free peer to peer file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents, etc.
User Comments
added by ROODOG on January 16, 2006
Ares has a reasonable amount of mp3 files but i find it connects slow on many occasions.I say you should have a look at kceasy(under the Gnutella section)as it is very stable and connects to the ares,gnutella and openft networks so you have many more sources for your searches.Also if you want to put in the fasttrack plugin(just do a google search to find it)you can have kceasy connect to the same network kazaa uses to get even more sources to dl from.It contains no spyware and for single mp3 files kceasy is the leader.For big files like complete cd's or movies Bittorrent is the fastest out there but emule or edonkey are by far the best for more choices and rare files.Sure emule can be rather slow compared to BT but speed is not an issue in the long run rather availability is the key and that is where emule shines.
added by P2P_G on January 5, 2006
Good for mp3 only ;)
added by opita on October 9, 2005

"There are no fake/virus and no mpaa and ria in the netwrok"

Yes!! There are fakes/viruses and yes there is always big brother watching (even if you don't notice it).
That aside it is a great program/network.
added by sarmin on August 7, 2005
i give it a 5 becouse its contains no fake and virus files and
there is no mpaa or riaa in the network.
there its good easy to use and it gives you the latest movies.
added by OhMyGod on June 30, 2005
Used to be a great program until the network got so hard to connect to. Updating to the lattest version doesn't help much either. It would be much better if they could fix the connection problems and if the queued line wasn't so long for the downloads. The network as many great file selections but that don't help much if you have to wait 10 to 30min. to connect then have to wait in a long queued line.
added by WitchHunterRobin on April 18, 2005
An unequivically simple point and click GUI with a relatively good stock of files. The network is geared more toward music, but with that said it's strange that the queue's are as unusually long and prevalent.

Obvious benefits include the small (about 1MB) size of the program, with none of the bloat of other P2P applications, a burgeoning user base, a developed hashing system, virtually no fake/corrupted files, and an expeditious search feature.

However, the fast search Ares employs has a very limited search horizon, and coupled with the long queues, makes this program unsuitable for rare files. Also, the built-in media player is egregiously poor, for both video and (especially) for audio.

This program is sufficient for a quick mp3 from a popular artist because of its fast search and short load time.
added by satan666cob on February 26, 2005
Great program to use if you are looking for music. You can also browse through the web with ares. I haven't had any problems with it so far. If you are looking for a new program to use this is the one to get.
added by Allied on February 7, 2005
Ares brings you the simplicity of Kazaa with the reliability eMule. You can leave your downloads running with one source and not worry about coming back with only a 1% gain and "more sources needed". Fake files are rare to never. No matter what firewall you've got, Ares will find a way through it all by itself.

On the downside, the chat rooms arn't moderated by any server so there's lots of idiots. On startup, Ares must hash every file you're sharing before anyone can upload from you. This can take lots of time and lots of CPU.
added by seneschal on October 8, 2004
Very fast, very impressive.
The selection could be better, but it takes time to grow. If you're looking for a common file it's easy to get the max speed your connection allows! (150 Kbytes/second for me)
added by poullos on September 23, 2004
Excellent! Quite impressive speeds and gui. If this program ever reaches kazaa's glory days peaking, will be unbelievably great.

Conclusion: If you are a kazaa-type sharer then this kicks kazaa's a$$ by far. The only difference is the number of users. Use it and they will increase too.
added by Malicious Intent on September 4, 2004
A smooth and efficient P2P application. Users of Kazaa will feel right at home with the simple and to-the-point interface. There are no excessive features, only what is needed in order to find and download files. This program proves that more features does not equal a better client.

I rate this program 4/5 because it sets out to do exactly what it does. A simple file sharing application, with fast download speeds.

The client just misses out on a full 5, as it begins to struggle when users move away from popular files. Despite the increasingly large user base, range of content has not increased in proportion. Secondly, users have to be careful not to install adware during installation - even if it can be uninstalled later.

The chatroom feature and growing number of dedicated forums puts much of the community feel back into P2P.

Users will struggle to find a better mass scale, traditional P2P client.
added by j_dogg on September 4, 2004
Ares is great for both the newer and more experinced user. It's large userbase means good speeds and a great range of content. However, it's limited search horizon means rarer files are quite hard to find.
Becuase of it's Kazaa lookalike GUI, many ex-kazaa users use this client, but fakes carried over by them do not seem to be harming the network. The Ares network implements full file hashing, and therefore hash-exploiters often found uploading on Kazaa are unable to affect Ares.
It includes the standard features of any p2p app. Media Library, Player, and Chat. You are able to host your own chatroom as well as partaing in others. However the Chat is at an AOL level, and the topics are hardly intelligent.

Ares has great potential, and it's userbase it seeing steady growth.
If you're wanting Ares hashlinks, privieds them in a forum based system, it is soon to be intergated into the site, alongside the G2 hashlinks.
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