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BNR (Binary News Reaper)
Current Version Beta
Release Date
August 30, 2005
BNR Team
Has Adware / Spyware?
No / No
User Rating
Votes: 8
BNR is a news reader software specifically tailored for binary articles (articles from alt.binaries.* newsgroups, for example).
User Comments
added by Original Dman on September 20, 2006
Pros Great for easy downloading of 100% posted\available bins Easy to use and free
Cons Development has stopped and it no longer is being upgraded Biggest complaint ... any segment missing in a rar part( say for example rar 01 ) renders all remaining parts of that rar 01 segment to be unavailable for download

Full marks to the creator of Power Grab but it may be outdated for 2006 users using Par files
added by cashpoor on February 25, 2006
I can't say enough good about this program. Can use multiple servers, multiple connections, virtual groups, servers tab, groups tab, queue tab, easy to use and has a great forum. Now at BNR3 14.7 using sqlite DB it is quite stable. Reaps binaries with gusto and you can alway see exactly what each server's connection is doing. I've tried others that let you fly blind in this regard. A MUST HAVE! - A+ Well done Jeff and Patrick!!
added by thug on October 11, 2005
You're not too bright if you can't figure this program out. It's not as user friendly as Newsbin Pro but for freeware it's good. Has nzb support. Only reason I give it a 4 instead of a 5 is I have run into a few bugs where it won't load up and then I have to uninstall and reinstall and that seems to work. I've only had to do that 2 or 3 times this last year. Inconvenience...but not bad.
added by Laspino on June 19, 2005
Horrid. Perhaps the worst binary downloader I've ever tried. Basically you need to spend HOURS to figure it out; the beginners guide is a 26 page document and the advanced guide is 100 pages. That should tell you something, and it ain't good. Nice if you have a LOT of free time to learn it or a PhD in computer science.
added by lordfoul on September 5, 2004
I can't think of a better one for linux.
added by aloniv on September 4, 2004
A good programme if you use several newsservers, as you can download from several at the same time and prioritise the servers (determine which server to use to retrieve bodies first, which server goes second etc).
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