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Votes: 20
Retention: 1852 days
50 Gigs/month
100 Gigs/month
200 Gigs/month
Unlimited Platinum
Unlimited Pro
- 150 Gig and Unlimited $10.00 plan are specials exclusive to users.
- All plans come with 50 connections (except unlimited @ $16.99)
- Servers in US and Europe
- Accepts Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, Maestro, JCB and Solo cards

Two new plans:

1) $9 for first month, then $10 each month thereafter. This plan includes Premium Usenet, and 50GB of online storage (plus reader, etc). Does not include VPN.

2) $7 for first month, then $17 each month thereafter. Includes everything NewsDemon offers. Usenet, reader, storage, and VPN.
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UJM said on November 3, 2010
Newsdemon Special Offer £7:33p (UK) per month unlimited service
50 concurrent connections /SSL
650 days binary retention
14 days free service
Pay in any currency (no bank service charges)
USA & European servers
plus free News Rover client
plus free 30GB of online storage provided by storageninja

only available through Newsgroup Reviews, it\'s not listed on the Newsdemon website.
namaste2040 said on June 8, 2009
I like the blog even though I don\'t use the service :)
anealm said on April 11, 2009
I don\'t know what they said retention was 20 days ago when I temporary canceled but stating on the front page 400 days retention is a bit misleading. I couldn\'t get something at 230 days recently. I mostly get new stuff so it doesn\'t matter that much to me. Just FYI.

Great service so far :)
1genius1 said on March 25, 2009
I just tried out Newsdemon this month. I\'ve tried several of their competitors as well. I\'m really liking Newsdemon thus far. Very nice speeds, excellent price, and good retention. I have a 16 mb/sec line, and so it takes just a few minutes to download all the mid size files i want. And the huge files are pretty fast as well.
Strapples said on March 24, 2009
Absolute best provider I have been with. Have been with them since approximately late 2007 and don\'t plan on getting rid of my account at all. The servers are fast. The retention could use a little bit more work but I have no qualms about it since I have spoken personally with the owner and he exclaims that retention and speed are the big priorities that they constantly work to make faster, and longer. If you want a USENET company you can really connect with even connect with the employees then go with Newsdemon. I have yet to see anyone parallel the price newsdemon offers let alone parallel the quality of service they offer at the current price.
roastb33f said on March 17, 2009
It\'s been a year that I\'ve been with these guys, and I haven\'t had one complaint. Promised retention and speed is pretty good.
AZona4Me said on March 14, 2009
Awesome! Best deal I could find.
marvelous_mogli said on November 18, 2008
These guys are professional! There is no doubt about it. I like them for the fact that they constantly keep upgrading their services. Retention, cost, speeds, servers and features. One of my friends referred me to Newsdemon and I joined them last december. They are excellent. Right now, I\'m enjoying their UNLimited plan with multiple servers, connections and SSL.
blackstar75 said on November 17, 2008
As pvenkman said, you can pull up more than the 150 days retention that they are claiming. Been with them for about a year myself on the unlimited plan and been thoroughly satisfied. Running on a 10mb connection, I constantly hit full speed on my connections. The service is great, and so is the support. They\'re quick to answer. Much better than other providers that I was with beforehand. They also throw in a very capable newsreader with purchase. Newsrover, which at first I was hesitant about using being a long Newsbin fanboy, is now my default. The site is more extensive than most, and they actually update their blog with some really good info.
Highly recommend Newsdemon. They just have a solid service.
pvenkman said on November 17, 2008
I\'ve been connected to Usenet for over 7 years now and have gone through a bunch of providers with the hope of finding that perfect balance of service and support.

I\'ve been with Newsdemon now for about 2 years, and unlike the others, I have not had a single complaint. Retention nowadays is advertised at 150 -- although I\'ve been pulling up articles 160-165 days for binaries.

The times that I have had to contact support for general questions, I had to wait approximately 3 minutes on average for a chat session. Each time, they have been able to take care of each issue in under 10 minutes (general questions on newsgroups and ssl stuff).

I\'d highly recommend them. I would suggest you go for the unlimited plan, as down the road, it will save you time and money.
wanakin said on April 24, 2007
Excellent speed & completion but not at retention. Claimed 85 days but i can't download 70 days old articles.
bolete said on January 19, 2007
I have had tremendous success with Newsdemon. I can access three of their four news servers at the same time which allows me to connect using SIXTY connections.

I completely max out my 10mbit connection.
mkkid28 said on December 23, 2006
A good News Server but speed problems at times let it down.
Also as it is paypal paid some groups will be blocked.
I moved to Giganews.
I will rate that after a month.
News Demon would be best for people who dont download alot every day.
thongsai said on February 19, 2006
speed okay.. 600-700kb. retention not even close to 50days on some groups
tee_tee said on October 3, 2005
Excellent completion rates fast speed, I always get what I want. Superb!
phucknut said on September 29, 2005
Advertises it's retention at 50 days, but in reality the average retention in the binaries is 20 days. Constant error messages from the server, and very variable speeds. The only good point was it's completion.
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