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RIAA Targets I2Hub Users
October 1, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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The RIAA continues its two pronged campaign in combating the proliferation of the P2P community. Whether this campaign is having any real success is another matter, as the RIAA is confronting the growing issue of university students continuing to share files on various P2P networks.

This time around, the RIAA has filed 757 "John Doe" lawsuits. Among those lawsuits, the RIAA has targeted additional I2Hub members. The RIAA appears to be concentrating a bit more on university students recently, as their attempts to persuade the use of "legitimate" networks does not appear to be taking hold. Today's additional lawsuits bring the total number of those sued to 14,800 individuals, including a total of 560 I2Hub users.

Although the RIAA has been successful in the courtrooms against P2P networks, they have not fair well against the overall growth of file-sharing. Since the beginning of the RIAA lawsuits in June of 2003, the online population of the P2P community has nearly tripled.

So what's going wrong for the music industry? There isn't a clear answer to this; however infighting appears to be having a detrimental affect in their efforts to control the Internet population. Recently Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, called the music industry "greedy" if they suggest any kind of price increase.

The music industry struck back yesterday, continuing its stance that iTunes change its 99 cent policy. In fact, the record labels are already threatening to boycott iTunes if Steve Jobs doesn't change its policy.

If infighting boils over to the point of a boycott, the end result could be damaging to both the fledgling online music services and further drive the P2P population upwards.

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