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eDonkey Alive, Well, and Still In Business
September 22, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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Slyck has reported since the RIAA began its "cease and desist" letter writing campaign that virtually any move a P2P developer makes is immediately associated this industry move. Such has been the case with Ares going open source, MetaMachine joining the DCIA, WinMX going belly-up and now, the purported closure of eDonkey's MetaMachine.

If one conducts a search for "edonkey" on Google News, immediately the individual is confronted with headlines such as "WinMX and eDonkey cease operation" or content which implies that eDonkey's MetaMachine has closed.

Most articles have closely associated the RIAA letter writing campaign and the closure of WinMX with the inability to contact MetaMachine. This has caused tremendous confusion, as it implies that MetaMachine has ceased operations due to the RIAA's letter campaign.

Let's clear this up immediately. eDonkey's offices are open for business, and Sam Yagan is readily available, as Slyck spoke with MetaMachine's President on these wild rumors.

"We haven't been operating out of New York City since 2004," Mr. Yagan told "Our offices are in New Jersey now."

MetaMachine is clearly open for business. While its narrowly true that MetaMachine's New York representatives are unavailable as many news articles report, this has been the case for almost a year.

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