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MPAA Stays Busy, but ED2K Sites Hold the Line
August 28, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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Three days ago Slyck Reported eDonkey2000 indexing site (TRW) was forced offline by an unknown copyright holder. It appears now however, the MPAA on behalf of its member companies are responsible for the site’s closure.

“The site closed Wednesday in the wake of two rounds of lawsuits filed by the MPAA on behalf of its member companies targeting TV-oriented sites that illegally swap copyrighted TV shows – a serious and growing problem.”

Although TRW doesn’t “illegally swap” copyrighted TV shows, a German court granted an injunction against the owner, Wuff Rajek and the site’s web host. According to the MPAA press release, Mr. Rajek could be responsible for financial damages, disclosure of information, court costs, and up to five years in prison if criminal charges stick.

If these lawsuits the MPAA clamors about are indeed true, many would expect to see more sites voluntarily closing. However on Thursday Slyck spoke with administrator EViLOPTiC who stated his site wasn’t going anywhere.

This sentiment appears to be the consensus, as ShareVirus administrator Gbit also plans to hold the line.

What does TheRealWorld’s closure mean for ShareVirus?

Well, that was a very sad piece of news for all ShareVirus team. Therefore we will try to fulfill the emptiness in TV category in the ed2k world. Our site has a TV/Series section and we have a lot of future plans to make our site more convenient for TV fans. All the community which left homeless after closedown is welcome at ShareVirus.

Considering the potential legal concerns, have you considered removing ED2K links from your indexing site?

No, we will not remove a single ed2k link from ShareVirus, because we strongly believe there is nothing illegal in indexing them.

Do you anticipate any legal repercussions from the copyright industry (RIAA/MPAA/etc.)?

So far no. Copyright industry isn't the country where ShareVirus is hosted and where I live.

Will ShareVirus remain online? What is the future of your site?

Yes, we will definitely stay online and we see no circumstances that could make us change our mind at the moment. Currently the main objective for ShareVirus team is finding a PHP coder to make our site easier to use, more convenient and simply better. eD2k is legal in our country so there is nothing in our way.

Editor's note: In addition, the administrator from ShareProvider told Slyck they receive the occasional take down notice from the MPAA, but they always comply with the order. Otherwise, it is business as usually without any plans for closure.

How this definace will utimately hold out remains to be seen. ed2k-it, ShareProvider and ShareVirus are based in countries that appear to have more tolerant copyright laws, and until such laws are changed it appears we will continue to see these sites exist for the foreseeable future.

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