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The-RealWorld Removes eDonkey2000 Links
August 24, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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It's been a while since Slyck has reported this type of news, but another indexing site has gone down., a fairly large and bustling German eDonkey2000 indexing site has been forced offline due to legal pressures.

The-RealWorld (TRW) specialized in TV episodes, a very active niche in the P2P world. Before TRW became one of the prominent sources for this type of media, ShareTV was its predecessor. However like many popular indexing sites, be it eDonkey2000 or BitTorrent, this site was forced to remove its indexing links.

Over the course of the last month, Warner Brothers TV shows began to delist from TRW. Much like TorrentSpy, results appeared to be filtered or otherwise removed. Little or no explanation was given, and the hierarchy of TRW remained silent on the issue.

However, this morning an answer has presented itself. Indeed, TRW has been facing legal pressure and has been forced to remove links to copyrighted works from its index. Instead of removing indexing links show by show, they have gone through the dramatic step of removing every link, and have posted this somber message:

The RealWorld is closed for the time being.

TRW is under legal attack and forced offline for the time being.

For the legal defense TRW seriously needs your help. Please donate whatever you can via the paypal donation option below.
If any donations might be left after this situation, they will be donated for a good cause like EFF or Oxfam.

Thank you for your help!
The Webmaster

The length, scope and detail of this "legal attack" is unknown, and will probably remain so until more information is released.

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