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MPA Shuts Down Pirate Movie Website
June 29, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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The MPA, which operates as the international arm of the MPAA, continues its activities in Asia. Following its "Intellectual Property Rights" badge program to encourage Scouts in Hong Kong to respect copyrights, the MPA has thwarted an internet based movie distribution website in Indonesia. According to the MPA, was manufacturing and distributing pirated DVDs.

While this may seem like a routine "MPA assists local police, local police arrest suspect" story, there is a bit of a twist to this situation.

The MPA and Cyber Crimes division of POLDA (the Jakarta City Police) utilized a stand-alone workstation to investigate TokoDVD. A stand-alone computer is utilized as it isolates, at least in theory, the computer from any connection it may have with the police network.

Mr. Hartoyo Lupis, owner and manager of TokoDVD, caught onto the suspicious activity and struck back. Mr Lupis "hacked" (as the MPA calls it) into the police computer and infected it with a virus. Although Mr. Lupis may have perceived suspicious activity, it is not likely he realized just whom it was he had just hacked. The MPA states this was an attempt to identify the police investigator.

Armed with a new computer hacking charge against Mr. Lupis, the Jakarta Police had all the evidence they needed to not only raid, but also arrest Mr. Lupis. The arrest occurred just before midnight of the same day. According to the MPA, the Jakarta police seize his computer and approximately 5,000 pirated DVDs.

This action is only the second such raid taken against online DVD distributors who sell questionable content in Indonesia. The first raid occurred early this month, when Indonesian law enforcement shut down, which sold and rent pirated DVDs.

Mike Ellis, Senior Vice President and Regional Director, Asia-Pacific, MPA said, “Within the last six months, Indonesian law enforcement authorities have conducted the country’s first ever illegal DVD factory raid, first ever pirate website raids and closures, and targeted retail piracy in the country’s shopping malls. Indonesia’s increased pressure against illegal pirate websites sends a powerful message to copyright thieves in Indonesia and underscores the Government’s commitment to fighting intellectual property theft.”

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