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eDonkey Adds Firewall to Firewall Support
June 27, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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Sitting behind a firewall was a detriment to many file-traders as little as a year ago. However this problem appears to be alleviating as firewall-to-firewall technology begins to permeate throughout the P2P community.

The first P2P application to deliver this technology was LimeWire, which in November of 2004 introduced version 4.2. Now, with the advent of eDonkey 1.3, another sizeable portion of the P2P community can participate when situated behind a firewall. MetaMachine, the creators of eDonkey, began testing with firewall to firewall transfers with the initial beta versions of 1.3. Below is the changelog associated with version 1.3.

  • NAT Traversal. It is now possible for two unreachable guys to make a connection. This should increase speeds for everyone since now unreachable guys can transfer directly to each other.
  • UPnP support. You should automatically become reachable if your router supports UPnP. It can be disabled in options.
    upnp command to force UPnP test
  • Loading broken old style mets from weird bad clients
  • Small bugfixes
  • System Icons on files in donkey
  • Fixed small file transfer bug (source would think it was transferring even when it didn't have it)
  • CIDR format only blacklist, should be faster now as well.
  • Fixed crash on startup if layout.xml was corrupt
  • Improved source getting
  • eDonkey Network enabled by default now

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