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ThePirateBay Closure a Hoax - Update
June 1, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
Font Bigger Font Smaller often laughed in the face of the copyright industry. Whenever ThePirateBay received a copyright violation notice, it would often post the violation, coupled with a humorous response. Not only was ThePirateBay well known for its defiance of the copyright industry, it was a well respected resource for it BitTorrent tracking abilities.

Although ThePirateBay has an enormous resource of torrents, ranging from software, movies, TV shows and music, this aspect almost took a back seat to its nose thumbing. Below is an excerpt from a response to a copyright violation notice.

"Dear whatever-you-are,"

"thank you for providing us and our users with such great entertainment. I'm not talking about Enya (hey, Enya fucking sucks), but instead of your nonsensical email."

"You have scored 10 out of 10 points on our Legal Threats Entertainment scale. You win the grand prize: A lifetime of ridicule on our legal threats section (! Congratulations!"

While ThePirateBay often provided comic relief in light of the MPAA global campaign to root out BitTorrent indexing sites, today's news is considerably more serious - at least we are led to believe so. On the home page of ThePirateBay, a visitor is confronted with the following message.

"Today the swedish anti-piracy organizations raided The Pirate Bay and confiscated the computers running the tracker. This probably means the end of The Pirate Bay and we, the crew, apologize for all loss of income caused by our activity over the years."

However ThePirateBay in its typical humor is playing a bit of a hoax on the BitTorrent community. Many have been mislead into believing the Swedish copyright enforcement organization, Antipiratbyran, is responsible for removing ThePirateBay's indexing abilities. According to chat taking place on their IRC channel, this is just a hoax and the site should be up in a few hours after some server upgrades. So those worrying about loosing their favorite BitTorrent site have nothing to fear, at least not yet.

Update: It appears ThePirateBay is currently preparing a new version of their site. The following message now appears on their home page.

"Nu kanske du undrar varför vi gjorde så här? Vi ville bara göra er uppmärksamma på att The Pirate Bay snart kommer i en ny version."

This roughly translates to:

"Now maybe yous am wondering whys we did it so here? We would only make yourself aware on that The Pirate Bay soon am arriving in an fresh version."

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