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New BitComet Beta Available
April 26, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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As the BitTorrent network continues to walk along despite the MPAA crusade, development on various clients continues unabated. Several clients have clearly established themselves as leading portals to this vast network. One of these clients is BitComet, which has released its latest beta.

However, this client was not without its fair share of problems. BitComet appeared to have some security issues during the late March through early April time period. Private trackers began banning the client because of BitComet's "get_peers/peers extension." This feature would share peer information from a particular tracker, allowing individuals to download torrents through the client.

So what's the big deal about finding a torrent through BitComet rather than a tracker? This removes any restrictions the tracker has, such as the very important 1:1 ration. Basically, a leecher can come along, download the torrent(s) through BitComet, and then leech away.

There have been several patches to resolve this issue, however from the latest build change log there does appear to be a resolution to this problem. While the feature may appear suspicious, its intentions are to allow downloads/uploads to continue if a tracker happens to go down.

Build 426 change log:

Changes since v0.57 2005.3.5 (BitComet 0.57 Stable):

GUI Improved: add Hash-check thread priority as an option
GUI Improved: add "Remove task only" confirmation
GUI Bugfix: disable file location change for paused tasks
GUI Bugfix: can not auto shutdown computer when desktop is locked
GUI Bugfix: the auto-stopped task can not upload
GUI Bugfix: fix the win98/me auto shutdown issue
GUI Bugfix: fix the dde regarding file association
Core Improved: add task option: peer info exchange enable
Core Bugfix: UDP tracker DNS resolve can cause stop response for 2s
Core Bugfix: continue download at startup can not work if crashed last time

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You can download BitComet here.

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