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TorrentBox Merges with isoHunt
April 10, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
Font Bigger Font Smaller has long been a reliable source of information existing on the BitTorrent network. Its pleasant interface and large community made this tracker a comfortable home for approximately 50,000 registered users. However, TorrentBox administrator Hohead has released in a statement that he will no longer administer the site and will relinquish ownership.

Although things may appear shaky on the surface, TorrentBox will continue to exist. As pointed out in Hohead's statement, instead of the site being sold off randomly, it will be given to the capable hands of's administrator, Gary. This move will allow the two sites to integrate while still maintaining a degree of their independent identities. HoHead explains:

"As earlier stated, because of personal reasons I am removing myself from any connections with TorrentBox. Instead of selling it for a few extra bucks to someone who's only interest is ad revenue and money, I am instead giving it to our good friend who runs isoHunt. This transfer will be taking place over the next few weeks."

"isoHunt's ownership will allow the site to be maintained much better and will offer the greatest good for the bittorrent community."

isoHUNT is in position to become one of the largest Torrent communities on the Internet after this merger. While it already has a tremendous amount of indexed Torrents, the growth of its userbase should create an even more resourceful environment.

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