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Ares Connection Problem
April 3, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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The Ares Galaxy network has quickly become a favorite among those looking for a quick MP3. Ares Galaxy has many advantages to its name; resourceful pool of files, few corrupt or false files and no forced adware/spyware.

However, the last few months have proved challenging to the Ares Galaxy network. Because of various problems with other segments of the network, connecting to this community has become difficult. The developer of Ares, Alberto Treves, has been releasing new versions on a near weekly basis to repair the ailing network.

Those keeping up with the updates have relatively little in the way of connecting to the Ares network. However, those still utilizing older versions of the software have been frustrated with the inability to connect. While Slyck tries to avoid duplicating stories, with the sheer inundation of emails and “Guide Updates” it has become apparent this situation continues to plague a tremendous amount of individuals. For example, in the course of 5 hours, we received the following “Guide Updates.”

I dont know Why I can't connect to Ares. I have been many days like this and really I need Ares, please someone help me!!!

Ares cannot connect I am on DSL and this never happened befor!!!11

Why cant I connect sorta been like this for days now

Im behind the internet and cannot connect to ares what is happening?

Where is the ares network because my program wont connect.

In an effort to address all these concerns, we urge those having difficulty to update the Ares software. This simple act of upgrading the Ares software should rectify any problems.

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