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'The Scene' Provides File Sharing Drama
March 21, 2005
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The Supreme Court will soon rule on the legality of file sharing applications in America. The powerful media lobby claims that file sharing applications do not have any legitimate uses and are nothing but a part of a rogue industry that is getting rich on the backs of poor hard working actors and pop stars. However, Jun Group Entertainment is using file sharing to distribute a video series called “The Scene”. While far from the first company or group to use file sharing for legitimate uses, this is yet another example of the very legitimate use of file sharing applications and networks.

”The Scene”is a drama about a fictional movie ripping crew called CPX. The fictional student/restaurant worker, Brian Sandro, leads the group with his online alias Drosan. The series provides a fun, fictional look inside “The Scene”. Despite being shot from the perspective of a webcam, and mostly being live chat, the show does a good job entertaining. While some nay sayers may argue that everything isn't 100% accurate, and people in the scene wouldn't do it this exact way, the show does a good job with character development and getting across the main concepts. The first five episodes are available for download at the website via ED2K, Torrent, or even regular http.

A person involved in the show says they have no idea how many episodes will be in the series, but they are planning for many more. They also said that before the disclaimer they added in the third episodes nearly 70% of the responses they received via email and on IRC thought that CPX was real, and the show was simply following their deeds.

The geek factor for this show might be a little high. The average Kazaa user just might not find it all that interesting, but if you enjoy Indie film, and are a more advanced file sharer odds are you will get a kick out of it.

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