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February 15, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) can add two more Torrent sites to its checklist: and Since mid-December 2004, the MPAA has accumulated an impressive list of Torrent sites it either brought down by force or by influence. Such sites include SuprNova(influenced), Youceff Torrents, Pheonix Torrents, LokiTorrent, Torrentz and UK-Torrents.

At this time the situation regarding remains fluid. When an individual heads over to the "" domain, he or she is automatically redirected over to Most people by now have seen the MPAA's message plastered across LokiTorrent's homepage. The message "You Can Click, But You Can't Hide" is prominently displayed, along with their rated "I" for "Illegal Downloading." It is unclear whether UK-Torrents has suffered a similar fate to LokiTorrent, or if the MPAA struck a deal with the site's administrator.

The situation is more defined. is run by Flippy, considered one of the good guys in the BitTorrent community. Although his site has been online for over a year, it has been plauged by DMCA notices, forcing the site to shut down earlier in 2004. Despite this closure, would return in January of 2005. However with the MPAA crackdown, this would prove to be temporary.

Although was not issued any DMCA notification from the RIAA, MPAA or Microsoft this time, Flippy has informed that quite simply it was time to call it quits. For someone who is thankful to have a roof over his head, the decision, while regretful, is completely understandable.

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