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The TrustyFiles File-Sharing Challenge
January 26, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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Whether declairing the great Internet copyright wars over or dazzeling the P2P community with its abilities, TrustyFiles is at it again. In a press release issued today, TrustyFiles has challenged all P2P developers to match its ability to find and download various file-sharing media.

"RazorPop, Inc. today announced the release of TrustyFiles 2.4 High Performance File Sharing. TrustyFiles issued a challenge to all P2P (Peer to Peer) files sharing users to compare search and download results and packaging."

"The results speak for themselves," said Marc Freedman, RazorPop founder and CEO. "I queued 100 files for download and consistently had 10-15 video and music files simultaneously downloading for hours. That's a magnitude beyond our previous best and the rest of the industry. TrustyFiles truly is High Performance File Sharing software."

TrustyFiles is a multi-network P2P client that connects to not one, not two, but five file-sharing networks. These networks include FastTrack, Gnutella, Gnutella2, BitTorrent and other TrustyFiles individuals. Considering the amount of networks TrustyFiles is able to search and download from, it would be difficult for singular network clients such as LimeWire to compete, or even accept, such a challenge. This is like a Boeing 747 challenging a Cessna 172 to a race across the United States.

TrustyFiles, owned by RazorPop has remained a dubious member of the file-sharing community (and a member of the DCIA.) While multi-network clients are interesting, they have often been criticized for not properly implementing the relevant networking protocol. For example, multi-network clients tend to not include supernode support. This could, and does, put a strain on existing supernodes that have to carry additional weight.

Never-the-less, say what you will about TrustyFiles - at least they do not include Cydoor.

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