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eXeem Released
January 21, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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Almost every BitTorrent fan knows that about SuprNova's untimely fate. The closure of SuprNova brought about widespread panic to those who depended on this Torrent listing site for their daily fix of media. However, much like the demise of Napster or AudioGalaxy, this would prove to be a mere bump in the proverbial road as alternative Torrent sites filled the gaps left behind.

In the weeks that followed, information was leaked regarding an experimental P2P client named eXeem. According to reliable sources at the time (which Sloncek would confirm), the project was an attempt to decentralize BitTorrent. Although admittedly no longer BitTorrent, it would incorporate many of its attributes, such as swarmed downloading and the reliance of uploaders.

Now, after a little over a month of speculation, ridicule, bewilderment, suspicion, anxiety and forward-looking, the time of eXeem is now upon us. So far, the preliminary reaction from the P2P community has ranged from excitement over the new technology, to suspicion from the hard core enclave. The addition of Cydoor has many questioning not only the intentions, but the future success of eXeem. The EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) explains the existence of Adware associated with eXeem:

"How does it work?
The Cydoor component of a software application is simply a caching mechanism, which stores ads on your hard drive, and displays them only while the program is open. When the ads have expired, the component deletes old ads and contacts Cydoor's servers in order to receive new ones. To do this, the Cydoor component uses your Internet connection, which was designed to take up the minimum bandwidth on your line. Each ad banner on your hard disc is about 10Kbyte.

Finally, Cydoor Technologies, wants you to feel comfortable using this software. Be assured that respecting and maintaining your privacy is Swarm and Cydoor's top priority ethically and legally. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the Cydoor website,, where you can review its privacy statement."

Despite the existence of Cydoor, which SuprNova administrator Sloncek contend is not harmful to the individual’s privacy, the pomp and circumstance surrounding this release is sure to grant initial success. The private beta has already been successful, despite Cydoor’s accompaniment, with well over 2,000 testers. In addition, beta testers have remarked about the resourcefulness of the network. The following is from the homepage:

"eXeem™ v0.20 Public Beta has been released to the public. Everybody is now able to download it and give it a try before the final version comes out. There are still some bugs that we have not been able to find yet which is why the program is still in Beta Testing. eXeem™ Public Beta includes its own network that is based on the BitTorrent idea (uses libtorrent as download component), has searching abilities and other funtions that a Peer-To-Peer program should have."

Keep in mind eXeem is still in beta, and that additional kinks still need to be worked out. Although network failure is not anticipated, eXeem will go through some awkward stages in the days and weeks to come.

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