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BitTorrent Keeps Humming
January 18, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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Most SuprNova and BitTorrent fans are well aware of December 19, 2004. On that day, the largest Torrent listing site voluntarily removed itself from the World Wide Web. SuprNova cited it did not wish to confront the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America.) However, SuprNova's true intentions were to build anticipation for the release of its controversial client "eXeem."

When SuprNova took itself offline, many had predicted the certain demise of the BitTorrent network. Likewise, many other large Torrent sites, whether "Torrent listers" or "Trackers", were forced off line. Favorites such as Youceff Torrents and Phoenix Torrents also were forced off line. Panicked BitTorrent users searched far and wide looking for new Torrent sites. Within a short few weeks, this search ended as dozens of smaller BitTorrent sites have easy filled in the gap left by SuprNova.

While some have criticized Loki Torrent in the past, many have taken value in this Torrent site for its content. Also, instead of folding like a cheap suitcase, it has instead opted to fight the MPAA. So far, this site has risen in excess of $38,000 for its legal campaign against the MPAA. Keep in mind Loki Torrent has raised this amount in less than one month. Loki Torrent currently has 30,000 torrents, a bit less than 10% the amount SuprNova contained in November 2004.

The Pirate, a less conspicuously named Torrent site, has also taken a large role in the post-SuprNova era. With over 65,660 torrents, The Pirate Bay currently has about a quarter of the amount of Torrents SuprNova had during the aforementioned date. Both sites have considerably less seeds.

While both sites are indeed smaller, this hardly discludes them from being impressive. If one were to examine the "Top 10 Torrent Site" list available at and further examine the statistics available, a noticeable trend becomes visible. While most sites are indeed smaller than SuprNova, many of the listed sites have tens of thousands of available Torrent files. If the Torrent site statistics are not available, it is easy to see from the content that SuprNova's shoes have been well filled.

In addition, many individuals are taking advantage of the various IRC channels that specialize in Torrent files.

"Since the fall of SuprNova, my downloading has not been affected all too much..." one BitTorrent fan told us. "In fact I really never used it all that much to begin with. There are so many smaller sites available, plus IRC, that I can still get everything I want."

While SuprNova is indeed gone, it did not bring the BitTorrent down with it. Dozens of Torrent sites have appeared in SuprNova's wake, and more appear every day. While each may be small, their combined strength continues to make BitTorrent a resourceful network. One has to question however, if more BitTorrent sites simply means more targets for the MPAA.

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