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KCeasy - Now With Ares Support
January 4, 2005
Thomas Mennecke
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KCeasy, once considered an important FastTrack alternative, has shaken off this image as its flexibility has allowed it to adapt to other networks. In addition to Gnutella and OpenFT support, KCeasy will support the Ares P2P network. The Ares plug-in is in public beta testing, however does not accompany the current KCeasy version.

KCeasy is a Windows front client for giFT. giFT is a modular daemon that accepts various network plug-ins (such as Gnutella, OpenFT and now Ares.) For those unfamiliar with what a modular daemon is, simplistically it is a program that runs in the background and performs certain tasks (in this case, connects to various P2P networks.) KCeasy acts as the graphical interface.

In the past, KCeasy was accompanied with the FastTrack plug-in. However, Sharman Networks issued a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to KCeasy, requesting the plug-in be removed from the release. The plug-in still exists for those who feel compelled to traverse this network.

For those looking to participate on a network with less in the way of corrupt, false, bogus or mislabeled files, the Ares plug-in is a step in the right direction. To get more information on this release, we spoke with Markus Kern, developer of KCeasy and the Ares plug-in.

As many remember in the past, the FastTrack network was extremely difficult to reverse engineer. Although it proved to be a tough nut to crack, those working on the giFT project were finally able to penetrate this network. Conversely, Ares did not pose as much of a challenge.

"Ares was rather easy to reverse compared to FastTrack. The encryption used is far less complex. The network is also similar in design to Gnutella and FastTrack so it was clear from the start how it should work and we just had to figure out the implementation details."

In addition to supporting the Ares network, the plug-in has near full functionality - save for the chat and Supernode operation.

"Searching, downloading, uploading and sharing all work. Supernode functionality is not implemented currently, [which we] currently don't plan to implement..."

Although the current Ares plug-in is in beta testing, response thus far has been largely positive. We can look forward to this plug-in to accompany KCeasy in the near future.

"The plug-in is already quite stable since the underlying library had been finished and tested for a while before the gift plug-in was made. It will definitely be in the next KCeasy release candidate but there is no date for that yet."

If you are interested in obtaining this plug-in, it is available here. It is compatible with the current release.

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