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Sloncek Announces Upcoming Arrival of eXeem
December 30, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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On December 19, 2004 Slyck reported on the demise of Apparently the world wide pressure of the MPAA's world wide campaign against BitTorrent and eDonkey2000 indexing servers voluntarily forced off line. However, the move has proven to be more than just a simple plan to avoid the MPAA and its international campaign. Rather, the move was designed to build anticipation regarding today's announcement regarding eXeem.

In an interview conducted by, an individual with questionable P2P knowledge asked Sloncek predetermined questions regarding eXeem. Sloncek explained that eXeem is "like Kazaa and BitTorrent," and that "it has the same specifications as BitTorrent." Of course, eXeem is a decentralized network and Sloncek stated the new network could not be considered BitTorrent.

According to Sloncek, eXeem will be available for public release in approximately two weeks.

It is important to seperate the differences between eXeem and SuprNova. These two entities are completely different and are unrelated (other than Sloncek's association.) A company named Swarm Systems Inc., the registered owners of, is the presumed developer of eXeem. Sloncek was approached by this company to be the spokesman of this new software and network.

Prior to today's annoucement, the hype generated by the anticipated release of eXeem was astounding. Many had hoped the next generation of BitTorrent or their beloved SuprNova would rise like the Phoenix. However, this does not appear to be the case. As many cynical analysts had predicted, this may end up being just another decentralized P2P network with little new to offer. Torrent files play no role, there is no cross-platform support and the possibilities of adware already the have hard core P2P members shaking their heads. In all fairness, the only true evaluation will occur when the program is released in the coming weeks.

Slyck was able to obtain a raw copy of the interview prior to the annoucment.

Q: How is it different from other p2p programs?

A: It uses BT for protocol... And its decentralized...

Q: When will exeem be released?

A: Not this week, but soon after that

Q: Where will people be able to get it from?

A: From

Q: Will they have to pay for it?

A: Its gonna be ad supported... A lot of adware in it is gonna be optional... Only the ones that really dont bother you at all and are unharmful (cydoor) are gonna be a must for it to work.

Q: Is team working on eXeem? How do you fit in to this picture?

A: The company that is developing eXeem asked me to help them with it. So they employed me as their representative... I cannot give the name of the company out yet.

Q: What specs do I need to run it?

A: Right now i got 10 downloads running and its taking 10 MB of ram.

Q: Will it work with linux or mac?

A: No and there are no plans for it yet.

Q: If I have a problem, what do I do?

A: There will be a FAQ on

Q: What will happen with now?

A: Cant tell you yet :D

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