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ShareConnector Falls
December 14, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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Back in April of 2004, Slyck published and article named "Top Ten ShareReactor Alternatives." The article was in response to the fall of the once mighty ShareReactor, a massive eDonkey2000 link site. Despite its fall, many existing eDonkey2000 link sites were quick to receive ShareReactor refugees. Perhaps the most popular replacement, which many feel exceeded the ShareReactor experience, was ShareConnector.

Like ShareReactor, ShareConnector is simply an eDonkey2000 link site (hash site, magnet site, etc.) The site does not contain any copyrighted material whatsoever. However, the site contains verified links of sought after material. For example, if an individual is looking for movie "XYZ" on the eDonkey2000 network, one would use a verified link site to near-guarantee a quality download. This concept largely replaces using the search feature, which could possibly lead to false or corrupt files.

According to a Dutch news source linked by, two eDonkey2000 link sites were raided: ShareConnector and Releases4U. At the behest of Brein, the FIOD-ECD (Dutch tax and economic crimes police) seized four ShareConnector and Releases4U servers. In addition, 8 people were arrested. At this time, is unreachable.

Brein is a private copyright oversight organization in the Netherlands. Although they are not a government copyright office or trade organization like the RIAA, their function is similar.

"Our patience was up, after which we went to the authorities", says Tim Kuik, director of Brein. According to him this is the first in a series of moves against "services that play an essential role in the exchange of illegal files."

In addition to this news, is reporting that FinReactor has been shut down. Also, FreeReactor is reporting that the Polish eDonkey2000 link site is now redirecting to a non-eDonkey site.

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