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December 6, 2004
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Slyck News recently put together a list of "Top 10 Alternatives." Cory Higgins, the author of the list, invites a fight over what sites should have been included, and those which are not so worthy.

Well Cory, here is the retort.

This list only includes sites which can actually be considered alternatives to SuprNova. This means that all sites carry all content and require no registration. You will find no TV episode specialists and no sites which carry content from only one release group. Most of all, the list does not include TorrentBits, which has forgotten the spirit of file sharing and preys on those fearful of leeches - just to reject them.

Why 6? There are only 6. The web is filled with plenty more excellent torrent websites and resources, but this list contains the only six which can truly be used as a straight swap for SuprNova.

1) Bi-Torrent - Your Torrents Site
-> Bi-Torrent carries all the torrents also hosted by SuprNova. They use superior coding, allowing the site to keep their costs down, whilst keeping your speeds up <-

Speeds and reliability above those offered by SuprNova.
Access to SuprNova's vast database of torrents.
Basically advert free.
Simple layout.

The sites also have all of SuprNova's spam torrents*. Unlike SuprNova, none of these are marked.
The database of torrents is not always fully up-to-date with SuprNova.
Reliant on SuprNova's up-time.

2) LiteNova
-> LiteNova uses SuprNova's database of torrent files, but does not have all the adverts. LiteNova does not host any files, leeching SuprNova's bandwidth instead. LiteNova has side stepped SuprNova's attempts at stopping such sites <-

Speeds and reliability above those offered by SuprNova.
Access to SuprNova's vast database of torrents.
Basically advert free.
Simple layout.

The site also has all of SuprNova's spam torrents*. All spam torrents marked at SuprNova are marked at LiteNova.
The database of torrents is not always fully up-to-date with SuprNova.

t on SuprNova's up-time.
Leeches SuprNova's bandwidth.

3) Youceff Torrents - The #1 BitTorrent Site!
*Sometimes shows pornographic adverts*
-> Youceff has been around for a while now, demonstrating its ability to last. Despite this, the site has remained understated, suffering from the SuprNova shadow like so many. Users can access further adult material by donating. <-

Full range of torrents and excellent selection, including a sister adult content site.
View most popular downloads.
View torrent details before beginning a download.
Spam torrents* which require registration are marked.
Passwords provided for lots of spam torrents* which require a password to open the completed file.
Registered users can comment on files.
Users can vote for their favourite submitters.
Fast and reliable.
IE toolbar available.

Navigation can be confusing at first, but the layout feels practical after that.
Adverts obstruct navigation and are sometimes obscene.
Lacks some leech:seed stats.

4) Torrent Spy - The Most Advanced Torrent Search Engine
-> The makers of IRCSpy bring you TorrentSpy <-

10's of 1000's of torrents, including adult content.
Site may be new, but it has excellent pedigree.
Health indicator allows users to quickly find torrents with a good number of peers and a healthy leech:seed ratio.
Tolerable number of adverts.
Users can see detailed information about each torrent, such as the files included for download.
Mozilla search plugin available.

Lots of spam torrents* as anyone can upload a torrent file.
No spam torrent* indication.

5) TorrentReactor - The most active torrents on the web
-> Advert free, but not completely bug free. TorrentReactor aims to be the most reliable directory and news source of torrents <-

Good range, including adult content.
Simple navigation.
Tolerable adverts.
Language of files clearly marked.
View files contained in torrent before download begins.

Can be buggy.
Seed:leech details are nearly always outdated or inaccurate.
Although TorrentReactor has good content, better range can be found elsewhere.

6) ISO Hunt - IRC and BitTorrent Search Engine
-> ISO Hunt scours over 80 torrent sources for torrent files. They also have their own listings. This gives a huge number of available torrents.

The tracker health of all torrents is checked. Identical files on different trackers are grouped into one. Compatible clients can then change trackers if the one being used goes down. This maximises success rate. <-

View contents of torrent before beginning the download.
Identicle files on different trackers are grouped into one.
Details and quick search for the latest box office hits.
3 mirrors gives the site good uptime.
Most popular search list.
Mozilla search plugin available.

The site can be slow.
Relatively complicated.
Many torrents found by the ISO Hunt bot are not labelled, although these are kept out of the way.
Numerous adverts, so go with a pop-up blocker enabled.
Spam torrents* are not marked, but multiple trackers minimise their effect.

* Spam torrents are torrents which require registration at a third party website. Registration may be required to gain access to the tracker (download the file) or for the password to open the completed download.
Unlabelled foreign language films are also considered spam by many.

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