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Top 10 File-Sharing News Alternatives
November 16, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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Where do you get your file-sharing news? There are plenty of sites out there; of course some offer more information than others. Each file-sharing site has its strengths and weaknesses, and most individuals find themselves traversing several sites in order to get their P2P news fill. Take a look below and perhaps you will find a new site to supplement your search for file-sharing news.

10 – came very close to becoming a top P2P news site. Original content was being developed and its population became considerable. However, a merger with – a move that has haunted the site – would prove to be its downfall. After the merger, no longer existed as an independent site and instead traffic was diverted to (a computer/technology site.) Losing its P2P news nature, those still faithful to delivering file-sharing news split from the site and created Although would eventually reemerge as a file-sharing news site, it never regained the near-glory it once achieved. The site is currently under redevelopment; we wish their reemergence the very best.

9 –

One would think that with a name like, this site would be on the ball when it comes to interviews with LimeWire developer Greg Bildson or covering the Gnutealla2 vs. Gnutella conflict. Unfortunately it does not. is an aggregate of other news and offers little revelation into the Gnutella network. However, it does have a good following of individuals which allows an for intelligent discussion of current P2P and file-sharing issues.

8 – is a general aggregate P2P news site with little or no original content. However, it is home of the Ares Forums, and offers the members of this community a great place to hang out and discuss the latest in Ares Galaxy.

7 -

An exciting new member of the P2P news community, P2Pconsortium is made up of refugees that hung around despite the merger. Although the site is currently generic in nature, the site is looking to be a P2P uniter; and is not looking to complete with other file-sharing sites. This is evidenced by their extensive listing of various other P2P communities and news sites. Although this site has only been up for a week, it already has an active forum. Should be interesting to see how this site works out.

6 –

Although this site has little in the way of original content (virtually all aggregate), it does provide other useful services.’s perhaps greatest contribution is its extensive IRC network. hosts the IRC chat rooms of several players in the P2P community such as, Shareaza and Morpheus. In addition, P2Pchat once hosted an extensive community where members of the file-sharing community can post pictures on an online album. This was a interesting addition the placed a face with familiar names, however this feature seems to have vanished.

5 - often has good original content and interviews with leading P2P developers. However, their interviews tend to be generic in nature and seem to avoid hard-hitting questions. In the last several years, the site has not changed much and the news is not updated with any frequency. However, as a supplement to already existing news, is an excellent news site. tends to focus of course on open source P2P issues, and for those involved in this arena, the site is a valuable resource.

4 – was one of the first file-sharing websites to hit the Internet. It arrived shortly after the excellent file-sharing news site was publishing original P2P content. is an aggregate news site, although at one point it did occasionally have original content in the form of interviews and various other guides. There is a wealth of information contained in the forums, however finding this wealth can be on the tricky side. needs to encourage its more knowledgeable posters to become writers and turn helpful forum content into news articles.

3 – has been involved with the P2P community for a considerable amount of time – about the same as Zeropaid and Slyck. Like, contains an impressive amount of original content written by owner Erik Möller. One of its major accomplishments is an extensive Wikipedia containing a wealth of P2P and file-sharing information. Members of the site maintain the Wikipedia. All needs is more frequent news updates to make this a leading P2P news site.

2 –

Once just another newcomer, has gained a tremendous amount of respect due to its original news content. Jon Newton, the writer of, generates at a minimum of 8 articles a day on various file-sharing and technology related issues. While most of his articles are brief roundups, many are full length and investigative in nature. In addition, has established several media contacts allowing viewers to see in-depth, albeit one sided, perspectives. would greatly benefit from a user forum, although the comment system has been excellent addition.

1 –

P2PForums was initially composed of refugees from Starting off as nothing more than another run of the mill P2P V-Bulletin site, P2PForums has grown into serious file-sharing news site. Although much of their content is aggregated from other news sites, it is slowly beginning to develop original content and file-sharing guides. In addition, its highly active forums are almost a sure bet for those looking for information regarding various P2P or other file-sharing related issues. Its members are well versed in the ways of Usenet, IRC, BitTorrent and eDonkey2000 – allowing for a wide range of discussion.

Other news sites worthy of mention: is the home of the Napsterites forum. Although not a news site, it is a large forum full of intelligent discussion.

Like Napsterites, is not a news site but a forum. However it offers a great place to discuss various Gnutella related issues. is an on again, off again site that does have some original content in the form of software reviews, definitely worth a visit. is run by “Simon Moon”, the once administrator of the now defunct eDonkey2000 link site Although there is some news, the site functions more as a discussion forum in addition to hosting the IRC network.

If you are caught up in your French, you may want to check out Ratiatum.

When most of EarthStation5’s forum members departed, they started a new forum/news site named Also make note that often covers P2P and file-sharing related news.

The fact that all these sites have members and administrators that take time out of their lives to dedicate towards the advancement of knowledge is commendable, and each one of the above mentioned sites deserver a tremendous amount of credit.

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