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Top 10 Alternatives
November 1, 2004
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Anyone who knows much of anything about Bit Torrent or probably even file sharing in general have heard of and are familiar with It for all its faults and problems is probably the top “hashlink/verified download” site on the net right now. Its without a doubt owes some of its success to sites that have came before it like the once famous eDonkey2000 hash link site

This Top 10 List is only meant as a general guide to some of the possible alternatives. It is meant to generate discussion and fights over sites that could have been included but where not. So hopefully everyone finds a useful link or two out of this list. Its might not be the case for some of’s more veteran BitTorrent users. If that is the case feel free to let us know if we excluded a link from this list. Enjoy!

#9 No Registration Required

One of the top torrent links is even 100% legal. This is a music only site that allows fans to trade recordings of live concerts from certain bands. All the bands you will find here actually allow their fans to record and trade these shows. Very neat if you’re a fan of any of the included bands. Ben Harper, Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band, Greatful Dead, Guster, and Phish are a few of the many bands you will find there.

#8 No Registration Required

This site has something for everyone, no matter what country you maybe from. It lacks the depth of content that some of the larger communities do, but has been around for a long time as far as torrent sites go. It is open to just about ever kind of file. Worth checking out for sure.

#7 Registration Required

This site is great, and could very easy be listed much higher. It’s a great source for 0 day stuff. You will find just about everything here. The reason for its low listing is the fact it requires registration, and limits the amount of registered users. Not visiting the site for a period of time will usually result in your account being dropped, and you having to sign up again, and with the limiting of the number of registered users allowed this can take awhile of refreshing to get a spot.

#6 No Registration Required

Cool site with its content broke into nice categories. A must have on almost anyone’s torrent bookmarks.

#5 Registration Required

Another great source for torrents of every kind. Files of any kind can be found here, and being one of the more elite torrent sites speeds tend to be great. Any torrent fans list of B.T. bookmarks would not be complete without a link to


#BT-GM Mirror. hosts a semi official mirror of the downloads provide by the great IRC channel #BT-GM on EFnet. Right now these releases of 0 Day DVD Rips and Games are only available on their official IRC channel, besides this thread. Always know that these files will be of the best quality and in demand.


One of the top torrent sites on the net. These guys pump out all the newest TV Shows each night in high quality with in hours of them airing. The only reason they loose out to their EFnet rivals #BT is because they tend to be a few minutes behind them on releases. Official webhome of #tvotorrents on EFnet


The best place for TV show torrents bar none. This site has torrents of all the newest releases in high quality format before anyone else. Have been doing there thing for some time and are damn good at it. The official net home for the IRC channel #bt on EFnet


This site doesn’t actually offer any torrents, but it’s a great collection of all the best torrent links out there. This is a great starting point, and maybe even home page for all torrent fans out there.

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