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Spam Torrents on
November 1, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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Suprnova has long been known as one of the premier Torrent sites on the Internet today. Hundreds of thousands of individuals each day traverse the Suprnova site looking for various Torrent files. According to Suprnova's statistics, there are 292362 seeded torrents (429665 total), 4910557 seeds & 6205268 downloaders (11115825 peers), on 1361 active trackers.

Suprnova is a community driven site. It has no actual multimedia files on its servers; no mp3, no ISOs or VOB files. Rather, it depends on individuals to upload Torrent files. Suprnova simply facilitates the download and points an individual to the source(s) of the file.

One of the advantages of using a Torrent site such as Suprnova is that one can usually avoid the hassle of false, corrupt or spam files that plague networks such as FastTrack. However, there is a troubling development appearing on Suprnova as spam Torrents are beginning to make headway.

Individuals or semi-organized entities appear to be taking advantage of the community nature of for their own personal gain., another Torrent site, appears to be planting common Torrent files on Suprnova. Many individuals are duped into downloading the spam Torrent because of its inconspicuous nature.

The download procedure is as common as any other. An individual downloads the Torrent, opens their favorite BitTorrent client and the file downloads. However, when an individual goes to unrar the file, they are forced to go to (.us/org) to obtain a password. Only then will the file be accessible.

Currently, the problem is limited in scope and does not present itself as a serious danger - yet. Slyck spoke with Sloncek, the administrator of about the situation and a possible resolution.

"We are aware that there are a lot of passworded torrents and it is sometimes very annoying, but very often the password is the link in the torrent name, if not its usually just few clicks to the site in the torrents name. We cannot protect against passworded files, but we have some counter measures planned if this problem gets bigger. But this problem is not just by torrent files; it can also be seen on the FastTrack network or eMule (eDonkey2000 network.)

...If the problem gets any bigger, we will block upload access to the people that upload passworded files."

Slyck’s emails to regarding the issue have gone unanswered. We will update the article as more information becomes available.

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