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Peer2Mail - Use Your Email Space to Share Files
September 12, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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A few months ago, Google launched G-Mail with stellar success. One of the enticing features of this free (for now) service is the allure of 1 gigabyte of storage space - probably way more than most people need. However, for those in the file-sharing community, this is an excellent apparatus for sharing files.

While breech of intellectual property rights may be the first thing to come into mind, the uses of such enormous space have many benign uses also. Those looking to send family or friends home movies, pictures, etc are also finding such space very useful.

Whatever your reasons happen to be, an interesting new tool has been developed to upload and download files to your email account. Rangeva, the developer of Sigster, Maileet and URLBlaze has another program to add to his string of middling P2P technology - Peer2Mail.

Peer2Mail is a program that does several things. Peer2Mail provides the framework necessary to upload large files onto your web email account. It breaks down a large file into 10, 5. 2.5 or 1 megabyte chunks since most email providers limit the attachment size. The upload is also encrypted to help protect one's privacy. In addition, Peer2Mail has a built in SMTP component so you do not have to provide your ISP email account information.

Peer2Mail also functions as a downloading client. If you wish to share a 100 mb file with your friend, you provide them with a password to your shared directory on the email server, and the individual can begin the download. Peer2Mail also reassembles the split file.

The potential uses of this program are many. However, the reaction of web email providers should prove interesting if their SMTP bandwidth goes ballistic.

Peer2Mail is free, fully functional and has no spyware/adware.

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