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P2P Population Grows Substantially Since July
September 3, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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The RIAA lawsuits have come under a barrage of criticism since their initiation on June 26th of 2003. Many individuals have questioned their effectiveness, and the latest statistics issued by ITIC only further escalates one's suspicions.

ITIC (IT Innovations and Concepts) is a Canadian research firm specializing in piracy and file-sharing trends. According to their latest research, file-sharing is alive and well - and wouldn't you know, thriving.

Since July of 2004, the P2P population has jumped by 15% despite the lawsuits brought about by the RIAA. FastTrack still remains the largest network, now hovering in the 3 million plus range. In addition, ITIC recognizes that eDonkey2000 is now a serious competitor to the file-sharing crown as its population is only slightly below that of FastTrack's.

ITIC points to two events leading to this grow: the landmark August 19th Appeals Court ruling and the end of the holiday season. The August 19th ruling by the US Court of Appeals reaffirmed that P2P developers are not liable for the actions of its users. In addition, with the summer drawing to an end, more individuals now have more time to tinker with P2P applications.

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