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eDonkey2000 Mac Client on the Way
June 17, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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Machintosh clients in the P2P world are a rarity. Some do exist, however very few are close to being popular. Limewire is so far the only client that approaches mainstream status, as this program provides one of the few avenues for Mac users to engage in file-shairng.

The music industry has taken advantage of this fact. With few viable P2P options, Mac users have been quick to latch onto Apple's iTunes. However, the lack of P2P options may soon be a thing of the past as MetaMachine gears up for their Machintosh client.

To get the latest, we spoke with Paul Reinheimer, head of Technical Support & Community Development at MetaMachine.

"I am really excited to finally be bringing a real graphical client to the Macintosh platform. I feel that the entire Mac platform has been largely ignored by mainstream P2P software, and that the .54 release will do a lot to end that."

In addition, the new client will not be a scaled down version of the current Windows client. In fact, the few features that are missing may be welcomed.

"The only features not yet present in the Mac I can think of are the Media Player, the home tab, and the ad banner :). With respect to the media player, we are currently using the Windows Media Player controls to generate this, so obviously it doesn't just 'work' on the Mac. In terms of the home tab and the ad banner, these are also native IE controls that don't just appear on the Mac."

The current test version, 0.53.15, is in beta an available on the Overnet forums. The test beta is close in appearance to the official release of the client, which is slated to occur in 2 to 3 weeks. Paul continues:

"Since the Mac client is built using our newer GUI system, it actually looks better than the Windows client the majority of our users are running now. We have introduced a more feature rich skinning system, and have switched to .png image files from .bmp for smaller skin downloads and better graphics."

With the lack of Mac clients in the file-sharing world, it is encouraging to see a powerful network such as eDonkey2000 lead the charge. With its wealth of music, video, CD image and movie files, Mac users will finally have access to files that have been considerably more difficult to retrieve.

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