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Kazaa Media Desktop Removed From
May 17, 2004
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Sharman Networks, the owners of the FastTrack network and distributors of Kazaa Media Desktop (KMD), announced at the start of May that they will be launching 5 new language versions of KMD (v2.6.3). Along with English, Kazaa is now available in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, which allows access to a market of over one billion users.

Traditionally, Sharman has used to distribute new versions of KMD. Results from helped to substantiate claims that Kazaa Media Desktop is the most downloaded program ever.

However, users hunting for the latest release of Kazaa at will be disappointed. has replaced the KMD download page with a message informing users that the program, at the request of Sharman, can now only be downloaded from the official KMD website.

Speculation quickly circulated that this action was taken as Sharman felt pressure on their business plan. Sharman create revenue streams by including spyware and adware within the main P2P application. This plan is not seen by some as compatible with the environment. Ad-Aware, which is often considered the antithesis of KMD, as it removes spyware and adware, received publicity for taking the number 1 spot from KMD at Also, fans of other file sharing applications left comments for potential KMD users, informing them of the extra software bundled with Kazaa.

Others believe that it is all part of Sharman’s attempts to have full control. Something they can not achieve whilst outsourcing.

Upon questioning, Sharman did not deny these theories. Instead, they praise for being an effective distribution channel. However, as the company and their product portfolio grow, they feel that can not sufficiently consolidate the download figures. Sharman also want “a change in the method by which it records the downloads of its various applications.”

Whether this is sufficient to quash the rumors will be seen at a later date. Sharman has always been on the secretive side regarding their software, and this latest move only heightens one’s curiosity. We have stated in the past it would take a miracle to save FastTrack from the approaching storm of eDonkey2000/Overnet, perhaps they plan to create just that.

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