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Kazaa Unseated From Number 1 Spot
May 3, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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Reflecting its waning importance in the file-sharing world, the Kazaa Media Desktop is no longer the top downloaded software at As time progressed, the quality of the Kazaa experience degraded, as additional third party software such as Altnet was added. Such invasive software gave rise to Kazaa Lite.

For almost as long as the Kazaa Media Desktop has existed, it has been a mainstay on Many individuals have been allured by this once promising network, as its 3 million plus users are a sure shot of getting the mp3 files you want. However, this promise of virtually any top 40 mp3 comes at a price. With the addition of third party software, many individuals have complained about degrading computer performance.

Like all sanctioned FastTrack clients (Kazaa Media Desktop, Grokster) Kazaa is infested with what many consider to be "spyware." Spyware such as GAIN, SaveNow and Euniverse PerfectNav are just a few of the invasive programs one will find bundled with Kazaa. These programs track your online surfing practices, and sends the information to a central database. From there, the advertising company sends you "targeted advertising." For example, if GAIN notices that you spend most of your time at sports related websites, you will receive mostly sports related pop-ups and advertising.

To combat the growing threat of third party software, two important spyware removal tools, "Spybot Search & Destroy" and "AdAware" have become must have programs.

Their importance has become so paramount that AdAware is now the number one program at with 1,376,003 downloads in the last week of April, compared to 1,332,061 downloads for Kazaa Media Desktop. ICQ taps in at number three with 1,126,012 downloads while Spybot came in fourth with 544,190 downloads.

The interesting thing to realize is that Kazaa was not unseated by just any software. If Kazaa were bumped by an equally repressive piece of software such as Grokster, we probably would not have given this situation as much attention. However, the fact that it was removed by its very antithesis demonstrates the Internet community's fustration with invasive software.

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