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Top 10 ShareReactor Alternatives
April 13, 2004
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ShareReactor (SR) was once the unchallenged king of ED2K link sites. However, Swiss authorities have made this no longer true. Slyck would like to bring you ten of the best alternatives for now it has faded away to but a fair memory. There are without a doubt many great sites missing from this “Top Ten” list.

Down side, annoying ads and popup installers. Upside, simply everything else about this great site. Fans of SR will find themselves right at home here. This site offers a sharp design and easy to use interface. Like SR the real heart of content seems to be found in the forum boards. Without any doubt one of the top 10 ED2K link sites on the net.

FileDonkey /

These are the top options to replace now defunct seems to work better then, however FileDonkey is probably the better of choice for those who are English speaking only.

This is one of the several existing mirrors of older Sharereactor versions. While something like this cannot offer the level of service SR did, it is still a very valuable source of verified, and well-spread links.

Other ways to still gain access to both the old main page of Sharereactor and the forum boards are though the “way back machine” Internet archive.

Main Page:*/

This high quality, once movie only site specializes in DVD-Rips with AC3 sound. They also now offer software, games, and music. Once you sample a DVD-Rip with AC3 sound you will tend to shy away from the rips with simple MP3 audio. The #1 source for AC3 DVD-Rips on the net.

Very well designed site. However seemed to load a bit on the slow side at the time this story was written. Good content on the main page and forum boards. With many former SR users looking for a home, watch for this site to grow in the coming months.

Now a veteran in the ED2K link community, ShareLive offers a huge amount of verified links. The former owner of ShareReactor himself was a fan calling Sharelive the “first original idea for a ED2K link site, since Sharereactor.” Sharelive is one of the top choices and a top 10 replacement option for sure.

Another well designed site with loads of content. Well worth checking out and adding to your list of favorite ED2K link sites.

Slyck nearly didn’t add this amazing site to its list. It has a wealth of content to match any other site, and a great community to boot. However in the wake of all the chaos that has followed Sharereactor being taken down they are no longer allowing new registrations. Not a big deal if you are all ready a member but a real problem for someone coming to the site new. So what would be one of the top 2 or 3 sites for ED2K links is just barley included on the list at all.

A forum based community with loads of content. Miss this site and you are missing a great community and tons of verified links

We also want to include two honorable mentions. These sites are both top ten worthy but specialize in only one type of content.

We have mentioned this site on Slyck before, but hey its great. Just about any TV show your looking for can be found here.

Now, this site does just TV shows. Lots to pick from and worth checking out. They have went to TV shows only since ShareReactor was brought down

Best ED2K link site for albums, but had decided to shut its doors at the end of this month due to the ShareReactor incident.

As we said, this list in by no means the end all and be all of ED2K link sites, but it may expose some sites that ShareReactor refugees are not aware of. Slyck will continue to keep a close idea on the ShareReactor case as it will have far reaching implications for all sites that offer links to verified downloads on P2P networks.

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