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Torrent Site Shut Down
February 11, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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BitTorrent sites have an interesting way of disappearing. With the exception of, its best that one keeps their options open as the longevity of many of the smaller sites remains questionable. has managed to avoid the fate of smaller sites because of its rotating web servers. Its large community has established a vast network of mirror sites, which has ensured its survivability (not to mention distibution of bandwidth.)

Unfortunately, smaller BitTorrent sites do not have this luxury, as witnessed by The site owner, "Flippy", received DMCA violation notice from MicroSoft. Apparently, the site had Torrent links to various copies of Microsoft Office.

Although Torrent sites do not actually host the actual file, they host what are called "Torrent Links." These torrent links contain the information that makes a download possible. The legal aspect of such links remains to be seen.

Although the site is down, this is only a temporary setback. The site administrator posted the following on

"As of now I'm coding v3 of It will consist of many PHP trackers on remote servers, that if one of them dies or gets shout down it can be quickly replaced by backup tracker. Each 'node' will have its own admin responsible for the content; also one node will hold torrents for one category. The trackers themselves will require only web server with PHP (that's right no MySQL) so free and home server will be ok. Downloading will require registration and authorization, so the system can track people upload/download ratio. Lechers will be punished (temp ban) seeders will be rewarded - this could mean less peers but much faster downloads. The main page will only link to these 'nodes' and display new additions, statistics and news although no direct links to torrents.

For those wondering what happened, why the downtime I can only say that I received an email from my ISP regarding DMCA Complaint sent by the mighty Microsoft. Office torrents were in question. I took down the website and came up with the evil idea you've read above. Let's hope it will ensure that the main page will be up for a very long time again. What doesn't kill you only make you stronger. See you on Friday."

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