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Supreme Court Rejects Madster Appeal
January 13, 2004
Thomas Mennecke
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It has been a long road for Madster. Madster, which started its existence as Aimster, has been battered by not only the RIAA and MPAA, but also by AOL. AOL forced the company to give up its \"Aimster\" name when it was ruled that the name violated the AOL Instant Messenger trade mark.

One of Madster\'s greatest shortfalls was the fact that it was a centralized network. Like all great centralized P2P networks, the courts ruled against Madster, forcing it to pull the plug on its servers. Jonny Deep\'s plea to appeal the ruling was rejected, leaving the Supreme Court as his only hope.

Now with the Spreme Courts rejection of his appeal, the final chapter of Madster\'s tumultuous existence comes to an end.

You can read the Supreme Court\'s order here. It appears under \"CERTIORARI DENIED\", number 03-658, \"DEEP, JOHN A. V. RECORDING INDUSTRY ASSOC.\"

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