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Gnucleus/GnucDNA adds Gnutella2 Support
October 6, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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When Gnutella2 came onto the P2P scene, fellow developers generated little support. Mike Stokes, lead programmer of Shareaza and spearhead behind Gnutella2, found himself ostracized by much of the Gnutella community.

However, some light existed for Mike at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Buoyed by grassroots popularity, Mike Stokes also received support from an unlikely source, John Marshal of Gnucleus. When we last spoke to John back in December of 2002, his outlook on Gnutella2 was positive.

"I would like to add support for the G2 protocol into GnucDNA. Gnucleus and any other applications using the DNA would then have the advantage of running both the Gnutella and G2 protocols underneath."

Much time has passed since then and some have began to wonder if Gnutella2 would ever expand past Shareaza. In a move that borders on surprise, Gnucleus/GnucDNA has finally implemented Gnutella2 support. Its important to realize that GnucDNA, the open source core of Gnucleus, has incorporated Gnutella2 support.

While much of Gnuclueus' attention has been focused on GnucDNA, which provides a common core for Gnutella clients, the new release should make things interesting again in the Gnutella community.

Keep in mind this is still in early beta release and you'll have to compile it yourself. It will be a bit of time before it's implemented into Gnucleus and other GnucDNA clients.

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