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Sharman Threatens Slyck with 'DMCA Violation'
September 1, 2003
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This week Sharman Networks contacted Slyck giving notice of the launch of an advert-free version of Kazaa. At the same time, Slyck received a DMCA violation notice to remove references to Kazaa Lite. Slyck was not alone as Sharman embarked on a campaign against free speech in an underhand method to promote Kazaa Plus.

It is now known that these DMCA violation notices were filed against Google, Slyck, Zeropaid and other websites.

The DMCA used against Google ordered it to remove references to 15 websites that contain information related to Kazaa Lite. Google has complied, but has linked to the notice (on an EFF site) at the bottom of the violation-related search result page. One of the websites Sharman asked Google to remove was Zeropaid, while conducting a search for 'Kazaa'. Zeropaid contains 100's of pages articles and discussion threads related to kazaa, which were previously returned with Google results. They have all been removed and replaced with 1 ZP webpage that links to The removal of webpages that simply contained comments seems a certain breach of freedom of speech.

In relation to Slyck, we were served with this notice ordering the removal of links to 2 Kazaa Lite related websites namely and . Slyck has complied with the notice. Ray Hoffman, the Website Administrator and owner of Slyck issued this statement in relation to the notice:

"Slyck has recently been issued a DMCA complaint by Sharman Networks, the company that makes the Kazaa Media Desktop software. The complaint states that we are to remove the links to certain pages that are infringing on their copyrights. We were supplied no proof that these pages actually have been found by legal means to be guilty of infringement. We have decided to remove these links while we seek legal council as to this matter. We are saddened that a company that used to be friendly to the P2P world has grown too large and greedy and now seeks to manipulate any avenue to gain it's monetary goals. feels that actions taken on behalf of Sharman Networks are directly opposed to the benefit of the P2P community and we can no longer support the Kazaa Media Desktop. "

Sharman has often been criticized for being too far removed from the P2P community and for having a lack of user contact. This sad episode only enforces this opinion and indicates the lows to which Sharman have stooped in order to promote their new add-free Kazaa. It also certainly seems rich that Sharman is issuing notices related to alleged copyright violations.

The ironic thing is that links from Google, Slyck and others to the DMCA notice which in turn contain information on these sites may only drive traffic to these Kazaa Lite related websites.

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