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Has Justice Caught Up WIth Pirate Bay Founder Anakata?
September 1, 2012
Thomas Mennecke
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So far, the only original source reporting on the arrest of Gottfrid Svartholm, aka Anakata, is Chances are, this is probably true, but no one really knows why he was arrested or on what grounds. For all we know, he could have unpaid parking violations that the local Cambodian traffic authority demands payment on.

However, news has spread fast and The Pirate Bay has at least acknowledged the story, giving credence that indeed he has been arrested. Undeterred, of course, The Pirate Bay is no longer operated by the original crew - so the purported arrest of Anakata will have no bearing on the daily operation of the site:

"So, it looks like one of our founders, Anakata, has been arrested in Cambodia. We do not yet know on what grounds and would encourage people not to speculate.

But, being one of the founders of The Pirate Bay, he has our full support.

We'd like to emphasize that this means no harm to The Pirate Bay. The site is run by a widespread collective of people from all over the world and will not be put down due to 1 or 10 or even 100 arrests.


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