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Demonoid May be Gone, But There Are Alternatives
August 8, 2012
Thomas Mennecke
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It's the fate that almost all BitTorrent sites share - eventually, law enforcement will exert their power in some fashion or another. This power can either lead to a temporary shut down like The Pirate Bay, or a more devastating circumstance like EliteTorrents. Demonoid, perhaps the best BitTorrent site ever, has fallen into the latter category, as it has been reported that Ukraine authorities have raided and shut down the service. Now what?

Demonoid was an exceptional site because it was semi-public and had a library of information that made The Pirate Bay seem incomplete. There was always an abundance of obscure information - something well beyond the nonsense givings of top 40 music or the latest blockbuster - that made Demonoid something more than the clamors of a pirate website. It was a true P2P community that harbored countless homebrew, open source, and copylefted material. Now that's all gone.

Or is it?

At this point you may be asking, what are my alternatives? Unless you belong to an elite private tracker, chances are you're part of the 99% who are scratching their heads looking for a new avenue of media. To meet this end, you may want to consider two options: the newsgroups and/or XBMC with the NaviX plugin.

First off, we start with the newsgroups, or Usenet. This is one of the oldest file-sharing mechanisms, dating back to the late 70s for God's sake. This alone should tell you this medium isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Its impressive stability is only matched by its endless supply of information. There are tradeoffs, however - the service isn't free, and often there are items BitTorrent will have that Usenet will not, but the reverse is also true. It's also true, however, the download speeds are more stable, as often times a good news server will max out your download speed. Check out our Guide to the Newsgroups, which will help you get started in this brave new world.

Another option is XBMC with the Navi-X plugin. XMBC is an open source, multiplatform media center that is community driven creativity. It's slick, well designed, and can play just about any file you throw at it. And of course, it accepts community designed plugins.

Once you have XMBC installed, you'll want to install Navi-X. The Navi-X plugin is a self-described "content aggregator" that scours media lockers across the internet for content. It has a convenient search engine along with "most watched" lists that makes finding content very easy. Once you select the media you want, it'll stream right to your computer - don't worry about downloading a huge 720p video before watching. In fact, once you get familiar with these avenues, you may forget all about the once great Demonoid.

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