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Welcome Sued by Private Gold
May 25, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
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Do you know If you're younger than 50 and male, chances are that you do. It's one of the most popular online adult "tube" sites, with a reputation well formed for being safe and secure - and lots of porn. The site functions much like YouTube, where the end user can upload a variety of videos - many of which are alleged to be copyrighted. This isn't the first time these types of tubes sites have been sued, but it's the first time a powerhouse like finds itself in a copyright lawsuit. (Read the complaint here).

Ok, so let's take a look at the litigants involved. On the prosecuting side you have Fraserside LLC, an innocuous sounding company that produces a variety of popular adult entertainment. If you're not familiar with the corporate name, perhaps you've heard of their DBAs, such as "Private Gold", "Private", or "The Private Life Of...". If these names don't ring a bell, perhaps the adult titles "Anal Lolitas", "Anal Mermaids", or "Gladiator III – Sexual Conquest" will do the trick.

On the other side you have - one of the most popular porn tube sites on the Internet. According to Alexa, it's in the top 50 of all Internet sites - an astounding achievement that in all likelihood means money in the bank. And it's this fact of life that has Fraserside looking to recover damages; a dollar amount as of yet undetermined by the plaintiffs. Fraserside claims there are 73 instances of copyright infringement, and contends's premium content is a major driving source of revenue.

Things are going to get ugly in this lawsuit - as part of their demands for relief, Fraserside is looking to have the domain transferred to their ownership, theoretically shuttering the site for an eternity.

"...Defendants be ordered to transfer the domain, and all similar domains held by Defendant found in discovery, such as misspellings of the enumerated domains, domains held by Defendant linked to, and the content therein to Plaintiff."

Yeah right – no sane individual that owns a top 1,000, let alone top 50, website would ever give into this demand without a vicious fight. Watch this space as this case gears up.


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