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BREIN Claims to have taken down Swan - the Largest Top Site 'Ever'
January 13, 2011
Thomas Mennecke
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BREIN has put out a release claiming that it has taken out the top site "Swan". As it turns out, Swan isn't just any top site, rather it was the largest site ever taken down. Top sites are much different than P2P or BitTorrent sites, as they are only accessible by the elite, or 1337, users who belong to the upper strata of the Internet social hierarchy. The remaining peons are little more than P2P commoners.

Here are some of the stats belonging to this rather large top site:

"Today Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN took down the top site Swan (formerly known as ATS) in cooperation with hosting provider Worldstream. Swan is the largest top site that has been taken down ever, it contained more than 220 terabyte of copyright protected films, TV series, games, music, software and digital books. "One terabyte is 1000 gigabyte, that is for example 250 films or games or 25,000 songs, this site had 220 times as much", says BREIN director Tim Kuik. Swan had 12 servers with 142 hard discs. BREIN estimates the new purchase value of the hardware it took possession of at around 95,000 euro."

Apparently BREIN had the help of the top site's web host, who cooperated in not only bringing the site down but providing the identity of the individual to BREIN.

"Worldstream cooperated in the removal of the servers which they handed over to BREIN. According to the available data the owner/operator of Swan would be from Latin America. Further investigation will take place but he can present himself to BREIN if he wants to. In the meantime we advised him per e-mail of the situation", says Kuik.

Top sites, or at least some of them, are responsible for the initial introduction of warez into the file distribution ecosystem. From there, warez trickle down to other, more public methods of file distribution; at which time mere mortals are graciously exposed to the good will and hard work of the upper echelons of the Internet caste system.


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