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Operation Payback Strikes at US Copyright Office
November 3, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Supporters of Operation: Payback, which constitutes members of all sorts of organizations and groups across the internet (some are Anonymous, others from 4chan, and so on...) have struck again. This time their target is the US Copyright Office. The target was hit at 11 AM EST, which caused intermittent downtime. At the time of this writing, the site is loading, albeit slowly.

This is the first time that Operation: Payback has struck at a US Government website - but this is not the first attack on a government website. That dubious distinction goes to the UK's Intellectual Property Office, which was hit back in October.

With November 5th looming, something big is lurking in the shadows. Many in the UK will recall that November 5th was the day of the failed Gunpowder Plot, when Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators were set to detonate the Parliament and overthrow the English government. That plot failed, but continues to be remembered in the UK. There are substantial parallels between Guy Fawkes and Anonymous - such as donning the mask, the general anti-authority sentiment, and honoring specific dates in the Gunpowder plot anniversary.

We'll see what happens in two days.


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