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The RIAA Hit List - A Pattern Emerges?
July 29, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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The RIAA's witch-hunt has been mostly shrouded in mystery, with many not knowing who or what would bring about a lawsuit. We've sifted through approximately half the users displayed on's website, then examined the songs those individuals were being violated on, using the EFF's database.

It seems the RIAA is targeting a wide reach of music, including Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Rock, Pop and Country songs. Artists such as Ludacris, Michael Jackson, NAS, Busta Rhymes, Keith Sweat and Musiq were very common throughout the subpoenas.

Even more interesting was the fact that Busta Rhymes song; "Pass the Courvoisier" appears in over 12 subpoenas. In addition, Avril Lavigne appears in over 20 subpoenas, with Ludacris reaching over 15. Remeber, we've only sifted through about 50 of the total subpoenas. Since there are over 1,000 potential subpoenas out there, a quick proportion of Busta would tell us nearly 30% of all violations include his work.

After looking at 50 or so subpoenas, the suspicion of a pattern grew more confident. While an individual wouldn't necessarily get subpoenaed for just having a Busta Rhymes song, it was the combination of Busta and additional artists that triggered the bot. Slyck hopes to obtain the entire database to more conclusively examine and reveal this potential pattern.

It seems the RIAA's search is not random, as certain songs and artists are used as triggers. We have been logging the artists and songs associated with the subpoena available in HTML format.

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