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US Copyright Group and Web Sheriff Targeted in DDoS Attack
September 29, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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The wave of DDoS attacks continues this Wednesday evening. In the latest Anonymous attack, and are witnessing a DDoS attack on their web servers. At the time of this writing, both site have been successfully taken offline. How long they'll remain offline remains unknown as Operation Payback shows no signs of letting up. is the home of Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver - Attorneys at Law - the law firm largely behind the US Copyright Group. Think of the USCG as the ACS:Law of the United States. In many ways their tactics are very similar - as both firms look to create a revenue stream by accusing alleged file-sharers of copyright infringement. In fact, ACS:Law and the USCG had considered working together, or at least cooperating in some capacity, but nothing concrete was devised.

We'll update this spot as more news comes in.

Update: The website appears to be back online - although loading slowly. remains offline.

Update 2: Both sites seem to be back online, but are still under attack. There's definitely a lag in page load time.


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